Friday, March 14, 2008

For my birthday

Jocelyn started crawling.

She's been turning over and wiggling her little way all over town for about the last month.

Of course, this would happen on the one day of the week when I'm not at home...

(cue the violins)

Now, what this means in practical terms is, we gotta start baby-proofing. And fast!


  1. Today's your birthday? Have a happy one. And, yeah, start the baby-proofing now. And when you think you've done more than enough, go back and do some more. Just trust me;)

  2. thanks for the birthday comment.
    thanks for the baby-proofing admonishment.
    thanks for the baby-proofing advice.
    and thanks for your commenting (is this out of obligation? i shouldn't ask. haha. i don't want it to end)

    and thanks for you being you.
    that's right, i'm cheesy.

  3. Sorry this is late - I just read your comment reply. It's not out of obligation, ya dummy. I actually like your blog and exchanging comments with you.


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