Thursday, March 13, 2008

For the Love of All that's Decent, Stop Wasting Our Time, Billary

Because my computer's at the shop again, I haven't really been able to write nearly as often as I would like to. Subsequently, most of the blogging that I have done has largely been politically-motivated - because I am filled with fear, dread, anger and - most importantly and relatedly - hope. It seems that a historic campaign is turning into another precedented campaign (or rather, campaigns), one that took place some forty years ago. I'll let Stephen Colbert explain the relationship between George McGovern and Barack Obama.

(Sorry, video won't work. Click here for the page.)

Add to that, the Clinton's lack of response to a bone-headed and stupid ploy to race and gender-bait Obama's supporters. So, it worked; I'll bite. I'll add one more piece of noise to this ongoing argument:

It is because Obama is a black male that he has the experience that he does - that has helped to make him into the person that he is, and in his case, would make him a truly great candidate.

But, let’s take another spin at this, eh? If he were white and still came across the way he does now, still have the ambition, charisma, intelligence, talents, and dreams that he does? That’d still be historic - after all, the last two white men with that combination were assassinated in the '60s. But they had the extra backing of a paternity that designed itself from day one to reach the highest public places. You see Obama would most likely have less opposition and fewer people nipping at his heels. This election would be a rollover and my guess is that Ms. Clinton would beg to be his running mate.

John McCain has just recently got Karl Rove on his side. I don't think he needs him. The Democrat Machine is doing a fairly good enough job of imploding on its own.


  1. I'm sick of hearing about Obama's blackness. I'm really much more interested in getting a capable leader into the White House.

  2. i kind of wish that america would get over the race issue. but that's not gonna happen for a long time.

    however, that's not the reason i'm putting my fat-butt weight behind obama. it's for the same reason you so eloquently stated there: get us a capable (and ideals-driven) leader with character.

  3. Me too. And, why is it that no one on either side of this thing ever mentions that Obama is just as much white as he is black? Hmmm...

  4. well partially because he self-identifies himself as a black man. and partially b/c america would've identified him as one too, if he hadn't done so himself.

    having said that, however, i don't believe that he uses his race as a means to exploit. i never hear him talking about his race, and unlike a few latter-day 'civil rights' leaders before him (i'm thinking of two - one based here in my town), he doesn't trumpet himself and than lay down the race card when the gig is up to take advantage of whatever hand he can.

    he uses his platform however, as much as i've seen him use it, to help the disadvantaged, etc. not to merely raise himself up as a person of racial/gendered/ethnic/religious disadvantage who will get his at any cost.

    i think there are HUMOUNGOUS differences between the way he has operated and - well - pretty much anybody out there within the last thirty years. reminds me of a less reclusive Bob Moses.


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