Sunday, February 04, 2007


Early on in the season, Rex Grossman looked like General Sherman, burning bridges, railroads and defensive units in his wake.

Increasingly lately, though, he's looked like General Grant. After the war. In the presidency.

If we had kept the run going, with only a few long bombs, we should have easily had that. But it's lost now.

And I'm sad.

Really sad.

The good news is, my wife still loves me. We've still got a beautiful baby on the way. And Jesus loves me as much now as 32 years ago.

It's brutally cold, so cold you have to feel alive. I have a job, so does my wife. I've got great friends who care for me. I live in friggin' Chicago, U.S. of A. I'm drinking hot cocoa. I had a gypsy skillet from Cozy Corners this afternoon. I have a full fridge. I wear clothes. I have too many shoes (much more than when I was a youth, with one pair a year). I'm in a position to help others. I'm a teacher, teaching in my dream school. It takes all of my fingers to count all of my toes - ten; no more, no less.

I guess it's not too bad.


  1. Sorry about Da Bears, man. I've been there. But you point out an oft overlooked truth: in the big picture, the Superbowl or the BCS or whatever sports championship don't really mean squat if you've got even half the things you listed. We're blessed men - no matter how the Superbowl turned out...

  2. but still, it hurts.

    stop the hurt... :'(

    no, you're right. life goes on. and it's a meaningful and pleasurable life. it's just that i have an extra focal point for my anger. and its name is grossman.

  3. We'll always have the White Sox.

  4. well, southsiders and northside traitors like me will always have the White Sox.


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