Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Random Ten

My Little Drum - Vince Guraldi Trio. Since when didn't this album somehow land on a random list? From the opening notes, my wife cooed. I can't complain.

King Kong - L. A. Symphony. One of their most fun tracks, with a Run-D.M.C.-esque backbeat. And a bendy-saw rhythm.

He'll Do It - Fred Hammond. Not too happy with this album, his latest, Free to Worship. But then again, most of his albums (with the exception being the live one) took some time to grow on me. But there was always those two or three that thrilled me from the beginning. I'm not so sure... This song's got a definite '70s rock/soul vibe, kind of a bit of tasty bits from EW&F. Ok, maybe we'll give it some more spins.

Running to Stand Still - U2.

Bluer - Over the Rhine. "Bluer than the blue devil / Bluer than these pale angels / Bluer than all my troubles / are we gonna leave here strangers?" Sad. Potent.

Lifeboat - Steve Taylor. The clown for the CCM set did a Mrs. Doubtfire long before Medea did. Not a favorite - musically, it's painful, and then there's the non-hilarious image of a cross-dressing grown man - but the lessons about the culture-of-life and the value of all life are priceless. More of a learning skit, which it succeeds as, than a song.

Payroll for Professionals (feat. Joey the Jerk) - Pigeon John. Defitely lo-fi. There's better songs on the demo ... Is Clueless.

Black Rage - Last Poets. Yeah, it's rage-erific. "Grenades in their eyes./ and death is their prize... They are armed, standing on the corners... ready to explode at the slightest touch."

Penny Lane - The Beatles. Is on my mind...

Stuck Between Stations - The Hold Steady. See? I'm being honest about what's playing. Even if I can't stand the over-hyped crapola.


  1. Not familiar with most of these but I gotta love the Beatles and U2... Isn't Guraldi the one who did the Charlie Brown music or am I suffering the lingering effects of the hydrocodone?

  2. art, o, art,

    let me make some recommendations.

    1) sometime in october, nay, sometime in august. heck, NOW, buy Vince Guraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas Album. it's a work of stunning genius and joy.

    2) Fred Hammond's Pages of Life (vols. 1 & 2). it's right up there w/ Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. bless your household with this music an ocassional sunday or two.

    3) Steve Taylor's one-time band Chagall Guevera. just a great rock album. he was a legend in the '80s for his biting sarcasm and for taking ccm music where it wasn't supposed to be taken (musical and cultural relevance). he was the Clash - a primary influence - to that industry, only with less punk, more new wave. more lately, he started-up a record label (the late, great Squint), produced good-to-great albums (Sixpence None the Richer's self-titled being the pinnacle, IMHO), and released a quiet movie to the church, Second Chance, that i recommend (which is UNHEARD of for Christian movies) for church-folks.

    4) lay off the hydrocodone. it could kill you.


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