Friday, January 19, 2007

There ain't no hollaback, gurlll....

Ok, I've already done that song. It's bananas.

I've been busy trying to post out grades (which includes grading nearly everything from the last year), trying to get some sleep (good news is, I've only had to go out for a craving raid once - unless you count running across the street), dealing with a radioactive class setting (0r sometimes two) and trying to set up a schedule for next semester. I can't really complain. Everybody's fine (for the most part) and we're surrounded by good friends and good family. But I just don't seem to have enough time anymore.

I've been downloading cheesy singles recently ("Take on Me", "We Built this City on Rock & Roll", "Working for the Weekend", "Saturday Night", "Saturday Night's Allright for the Fight", "Getting Jiggy with It"). That's about it. But Micah's got the beesnix posted on his blog. We loves us some piano man.

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