Monday, October 17, 2005

There's not too much more I can say at this point but...


life now, folks.

I did before, of course. But, you know. It's different now. Even though I'm the king of jerks and Lord of fools. God is gracious. His mercy is everlasting.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Oh, I don't think your that bad, really. Cut the drama J. :)

  2. i'm an official drama queen now.

    that was very alpha male of me to say.

  3. I detailed heart diagram life now...?

    Oh, do tell!



  4. i owe you one too, lady.

  5. I read this a few hours ago and said oh that poor guy is dying but after reading these replies I guess there is nothing serious about this post. Keep up the good work DQ!

  6. DQ = Dairy Queen.

    i wouldn't say there's nothing serious about this post. in fact, i'm quite happy, thankyouverymuch.

    but good looking out, flight pattern!

    you got a blog yet?

  7. DQ = Drama Queen as in what you replied to anonymous. Your just as bad as me in mixing up what people are trying to say. Ain't it a pain when miscommunications happen? I think that was the topic of my reply to this post. At least I think that is what I was trying to write. Let me think about this a second....

  8. funny. i'm gonna have to use that one. is it a west coast thing?

  9. Don't ya mean a 'west coast thang'? Did you know Ice-T is originally form Jersey and rap music originally started in the South Bronx? I keep telling this to people out here in LA but nobody believes me! I guess with names like Curtis Blog, NY rap was doomed from the start in the LA rap scene.

  10. That was suppose to be written as Curtis Blow, not Blog! Why always me?

  11. 'Curtis Blog':

    'these are the blogs!'

    i hated early-mid nineties rap 'cuz it was all about gangster posturing. even ny'ers like 'i like it when you call me big poppa,' were only about the gangsterism and purile machoism.

    i don't know if that's a real word, purile.

    but c'mon, a name like curtis blow ain't nothing compared to afrika bambaata.

  12. Bambaaaaaataaaaaaaaaa!

    From the latin "puer" (pOO-AIR) hahah like a fart.
    Meaning childish or boylike.

  13. It's tough! Like a bank book zero! Rough! Like an LA Raider! Hmmm, that did not rhyme. So even if I can't remember all those lyrics from twenty years ago I still love some of those Eighties raps songs when I hear them. Except for some of the over macho male bragging from a few of the 80's rappers most of the 80's rap songs were far from offensive. In fact some were even humorous – Sugar Hill Gang and Run DMC come to mind. It was very different from the 'ratta tat tat just me and my gat' gangsta rap that came out in the early 90's mostly from this city. Also remember it was about this same time that 2LiveCrew made the over macho male bragging rappers from the 80's look like they were singing nursery rhymes. You could say the Crew took explicit rapping to a new high or low depending on what you think of Larry Flint. I guess they just don’t create poetry the way they use to so don't push me cause I'm close to the edge I'm trying not to loose my head... huh.. huh.. It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under!

    NY! NY! World Wide!

  14. made me laugh out loud for real. quite the connection there.

    see, i knew that was a real word. and that that was the connection. the english teacher being that i am, i need to have my other sword (dictionary) on hand.

  15. I think we need to take mumbers so we can all post in cue.

  16. i heard sugar hill were ciphers that stole everybody else's stuff.

    but run-d.m.c. forever, man.

    i'm dmc, and the place to be, i go to st. john's university, and since kindergarten i acquired the knowlege, and after twelth grade i went straight to college.

    yeh on the grandmaster flash tip. of course, back then, i listened to nkotb, michael, janet, oldies and debbie gibson. and hymns. yes, multi-tasking.

  17. it's so much funner this way.

  18. multi-tasking? Interesting.

  19. as my 'anonymous' friend reminded me, i am a self-proclaimed 'drama queen.'

    i believe i am allotted some freedoms with the english language. after all, it is the only one i know.

  20. Anonymous6:37 AM

    That you are my friend.

  21. snap, snap!

    ok, i'm done with this effeminate stuff.

    basketball season starts. yes!

    ron artest and larry bird are on the cover of SI. yes!!

    the bulls are figured to finish 7th in the east. no!

  22. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I [heart] life too now, J. :) tnx

  23. I love you, Jason Michael Dye

  24. there you are!!

    i think you outted me.

    now people know my middle name is Michael.

    all those people that search through my blog for really old posts, looking for any random piece of info about me. they now know my full name.

    and that you love me.

    and that i love you.



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