Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Blood Issue

Tomorrow is Youth Sunday. Youth Sunday is an event in my church that takes place every fifth Sunday of the month when the congregation temporarily forgets itself and succumbs to the benefits / fears of what The Future may look like, as the youth group takes over the service. And not only is tomorrow Youth Sunday at New Hope Bible Church tomorrow is also The Worst-Planned Youth Sunday Ever! Certainly under my jurisdiction. I didn’t even find out what the sermon was on until today. Our prospective youth leader is preaching and being introduced tomorrow. My associate pastor said it’s gonna be on “the blood issue.” I was like, “That’s great! Man, I wonder if the worship team could do some old-school powerhouses like ‘Nothing but the Blood’ or ‘The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.’”

So I asked one of the worship people, the leader for the month. She was pretty excited about the prospect, despite the lateness of it all. And I went out looking for the lyrics, etc. Not like I spent a lot of time on it. Then I talked to a couple of the other worship people (the primary music people) and they were getting excited about it. Until they caught the connection.

“Oh, no. The sermon’s going to be on ‘the blood issue.’”

“Wait. What’s the diff…? Ohh, do you mean…?”

“Yeah, that one.”

I don’t remember who used the word menstrual first, but I (never one to let go of a good idea no matter how bad it is) was trying to make the connection between Christ’s blood for righteousness and the unclean blood not to be touched in the days of the Old Testament.

“Y’know, like ‘All of our good deeds are as dirty rags.”

“Right,” with an understanding and understated gaze, “dirty tampons.”

“I mean…”

“It’s a bit of a stretch.”

I’m still trying to justify it in my head. Finally echo, “Yeah, it’s a bit of a stretch.”


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM


  2. a whole lot of these little one-word interjections, nyaj?

    it was a good sermon. although i don't think he ever used the word, "blood."

    and we didn't get to sing, "There is a fountain filled with blood..."

    and with that, good night, ladies and gentlemen!

  3. gross...
    It's a pretty revolting image...
    Gets the job done..

  4. i thought you might appreciate it.

    it is another of those fine biblical illustrations.

  5. You know what? All these years, and you're honestly the first person that's ever made that connection that I know of! Well, you and your worship leader.....

  6. honestly?

    and i thought you worked in youth ministry.

    aren't there always some sort of whacked-out illustrations and connections being made, if not in front of the youth, then at least amongst youth pastors?


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