Thursday, September 01, 2011

Local Mechanisms

I've begun to spell out some of the reasons we need to begin to localize - energy and raw material usage, education, access to healthy food for all, medical and health purposes, environmental, refuse, etc, etc. These are all vastly important and cannot be misunderestimated (did I just pull a George W?).

However, on the flip side, we must be careful to not continue in the ways in which a few people have benefited over the vast majority - or that the vast majority have benefited over the few - that have been practiced and practiced since before Hamurabbi's Code was set to stone. Basically, they're ones of tribalism.

The questions that need to be wrestled with going forward are not so much, "Do we need anti-racist, feminist, anti-tribalist, peace-making, components?" Rather, the question is, "How do we implement these components so that we are not constantly at war with other countries for cheap labor, so that we do not kill others for resources - let alone possessions and property? How do we whole-heartedly involve the entire community into inclusiveness so that everyone's voice and spirit is equally valid, but in such a way where we do not ward off strangers? How do we build on communication and trust internally as well as inter-communally?"

These would be the questions I'd like stabbed (is this also an unfortunate word choice?) as we go along here.

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