Friday, June 11, 2010

Metronome Fest!

Hey Chicagoans! Normally I try to make my Chicago plugs on Tuesdays, but since I didn't this week (or month. or year...) I want to announce my block party (of sorts*), the Metronome.

I'm really proud of the work that goes into this project, just on its second year. The organizers (mostly the head of security and public relations from the Congress Theater - an awesome guy named Max) work hard to make the fest green, sustainable and local. Hence, most of the bands are from local regions, proceeds go to four different not-for-profit local community groups including a local grammar school (Chase), the Greater Goethe Neighborhood Association, the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, and Friends of Goethe School (a group of parents working with another local grammar school). Most of these groups are situated within the four-block radius of the event itself.

The performers will run on four different stages through the two days (one per end of the fest area per day) and run the gamut from Latin Rock to Folk, and Indie Rock to Punk. I've honestly never heard of any of the performers, but since I'll be there for the duration of both days, I'm looking forward to hearing something new (favorite name, of course, is Cooler By the Lake).

I'll be there with our community group, MAPA, and my church will host a service at 10am Sunday morning on the West end. Would love to see you there!

*As in, it's not my block, specifically, but it's right around the corner. And certainly not my party. And not really a block party. So technically, the whole sentence is wrong...

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