Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oscar Week #1: Wall*E

Oscar week (where I try to recount my favorite movies from 2008 as I'm catching up to them) starts today. My review of my favoritest movie of the year (and favorite for a long time) is posted at friend, pastor (and blogger) David's Signs of Life blog.

I really love that film in a way that I think my review doesn't quite express. But the review was festering in my head and I didn't write down and wrestle with the passages until the last few minutes. So what's left is a sprawling bit of a mess that I don't have the talent to put together in the last few minutes. I may just re-edit the piece and repost it here at the end of the week. But don't let that stop you from going to SoL and making a comment.

As far as what qualifies as an Oscar Week pic at LeftCheek:
1) I'd have to really like it. (Sorry, Tropic Thunder)
2) I'd have to have had an interest in seeing it, in order to see it (sorry, Benjamin Button)
3) It should have either been released in 2008 or widely released in 2008 (therefore, even though There Will Be Blood was released in '07 and in fact nominated for Best Pic at the last Oscars, most people didn't get a chance to view it until '08. Then again, most people chose not to. Sometimes, it sucks to be most people).


  1. I've seen so few current movies lately that I can't even make an intelligent comment. Except that I did see There Will Be Blood - it was OK but I didn't like the ending.

  2. Ya know, I'll be honest...I wasn't as impressed with Wall*E. I love animated movies, I love Pixar..and I "expected" so much. I think that may have been the first wasn't bad, in my eyes. It just didn't come off as great as I expected it to...and yes, I could also see the hidden agenda part.

    So..I don't know!

    nice hearin' from ya though!

  3. art,

    i'll try to bring you up to speed w/in the next week (or two, my laptop's down so i have limited time w/ the computer...) so that you can wow all your acquaintances and your children's friends by showing them just how hip you are.



    upon my first viewing, i was a bit disappointed too. not as disappointed as with Cars, but feeling just a bit let-down as well. but it stuck to me. then i watched it again, and then again. and found the movie to be more Christological than others that are exemplified as being Christological (such as Superman Returns, Matrix, etc.)

    my wife, who describes it as 'cute' would agree with you. but - and keep in mind this is just an opinion (informed opinion, but still an opinion) - you're both wrong. haha!

  4. as far as pixar films go, i feel like wall-e is so unique that i'm not sure where it falls on my "pixar ratings." i know it's somewhere between Ratatoille and Cars...but not sure where.


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