Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I went away; why I came back

Part of the reason I took such a long blog-battical was because I was tired of the cynical and political turn I was taking, constantly worried about how so many of Hillary's minions are tearing up the Democratic Party and our seemingly once-invincible chances to secure the fed Executive Branch this term. And I still largely am (Oh, and don't forget the false cries of racism from the Obama-haters, who frustratingly accuse Obama and his followers of playing the race card when it's Hill and her supporters who've been preying on white fears and... but I digress. My heart's beating an angry ugly rhythm).

But I thought this was laugh-out-loud funny at 6 am. So much so, it made me eager to come back to blogging, babies!

G-d bless Stephen Colbert


  1. Personally, I liked the politicical and cynical turn (almost as as much as I like that Colbert clip).

  2. it's just not good for my heart, man.

    seriously, i would worry way too much about it. and there's so little i can do about it (it's not like i need to convince people in my small circle of friends. most of them are huge obama supporters too.)


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