Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Cutest Giant

The revelation struck Jen yesterday when she took our princess out to the park. It's a park that we've had our sights on for the last year and a half and had high hopes of eventually bringing our playing baby to, once the weather and her aptitude permitted. And so, for the last week, my wife brought our daughter (sometimes with daddy in tow) to this cute little baby/toddler park with the cushy ground. (Remember when we were kids and the concrete under the monkey bars was softened by jagged rocks, broken bottles and syringes? No more. The floors here are so soft, you could use them as pillows. In fact...)

Jocelyn is learning how to walk. Or, at least she gives it the ol' college try. One foot in front of another while holding on to mommy or daddy with her fingers. As she was leading the way (and she is getting really choosy about the things that she comes in contact with), she was getting excited about following a group of kids that Jen noticed were smaller than her. But apparently, these kids could move all on their own.

The three little ones are having a good time at it with a lot of back-and-forth rapport, and the mothers start talking. One of the mothers asks my wife how old our daughter is. "Eight and a half months." Jen asks in return.

"Sixteen months."

We knew she was tall. But. Wow.


But it was connecting with other things I was noticing. While on the swings a couple days before that, she was looking and laughing at a girl beside her who had obvious verbal skills (you know, like sentences and queries and the whole bit) and I noticed that Joss had to be nearly as big.

And her neck has just started showing up. It's identifiable, no longer hidden in folds of baby-chin. It's definitely my neck. Long and skinny. But with her cute hexagon-shaped head on top of it, she looks like a pumpkin on top of a tooth-pick. And with both mine and Jennie's Irish family roots, things just don't bode well for her.

And her legs. I was changing her yesterday and noticed her legs are about as long as a Rockett's. But baby-chunky, especially in the thighs. The length, at least, is another thing she got from me.

She is, indeed my precious, adorable giantess.

God bless the little man who falls for her.


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

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    Oh, and realize that this has nothing to do with your post, but I couldn't find a "contact" link anywhere to email you. Hope you don't mind.

  2. A big little girl! She'll be the boss of some fellow one day...

    (I mean after you;)

  3. D.O. or AWIP or whatever you want to be known as:

    that does sound fantastic. sadly, i don't know who garrison is, but i hold very high opinions of the others. i'll def check it out.



    (after i....?)


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