Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Birthday Gift to You

Tomorrow, March 14th, I turn 37! And I'm giving out the gifts this time.

Your gift to me, my dear friends, is to accept this gift.

Get my book These Mornings Are Rough on March 14th for absolutely free!

From the description:

An acerbic yet idealistic young man wants to save the world through teaching. He fails miserably - and hilariously - but learns more than school has ever taught him in the process. For fans of the writing style of David Sedaris and Robert Wilder, as well as of the teaching mockumentary Chalk. But most definitely for those weary of the depictions of the Lone Teacher Savior in such films as Stand and Deliver and Dangerous Minds.

And, best part: It's absolutely true... -ish. And it's about me. It's my sacrificial gift to the world...

Now, I didn't post any reviews here because I don't have any. So, if you get the book and like the book, I do ask that you post a review. And pass along the good word to your friends.

Now, at this point, it's only available at Amazon as a Kindle e-book. Sometime later I'd like to turn a couple volumes of this into an honest-to-goodness paper book.

Yeah, that'd be nice...

But in order to get the free book, you'll need to download a Kindle App reader (also free) to your desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iRobot, tablet (I have mine. It's wonderful),

Once again, FREE (and I would add, nice) book.


Spread the word and come and get your lovin'. :-)

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