Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scooter Getting Served and the Power of Guerilla Protest

Clapping for homelessness is always classless. Especially when it's the "upper" classes doing it.

When Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker came to Chicago to speak at a breakfast, it seemed like the clashing of identical worlds from alternate realities. As I said a couple times here before, Scooter and Chicago's mayor Rahmie are practically brothers despite the fact that one is a supposed liberal Democrat from the big city and the other is, well, defying odds in one of the formerly most union-friendly states in the Union. That's, of course, when we had unions..

But I'm not the only one to notice the similarities. As this awesome video shows, the Occupy Chicago movement has caught on to this assault on the common worker and family done by the profiteers. When they had a Human Mic Check demonstration at the breakfast, they not only shamed Scoots, but their own mayor and all the pro-corporatist government teat-seekers in attendance as well.

Now, the danger of such demonstrations is that the common American doesn't much trust protest or theatre, so combining the two can prove disadvantageous to our collective causes* . It can actually turn our target audience against us. But the genius of such an act, however, is that it catches its target, the rich class who rule over us, by surprise in such a way where they don't have their armies of darkness - the PR men, the Spin Doctors, the Karl Roves and other manipulators and liars - to protect them from their most base selves. So the evil overlords, when caught off-guard, are free to act like the wicked, vile people they are. In this case, they are clapping for homelessness.

Now, there's going to be some sections of the American public who would join them. Heck, if history's any indication , there will be some homeless people on the side of the Gov Walkers. That's a sad state of humanity, to be sure. But it doesn't have to be that way. If anything, we should be rising and screaming against the sort of despicable people that tell us what to do and where to go; the sorts of people that run our lives and run us out of our homes and jobs; the sorts of people that put us into debtors prisons.

We should protest and demand a lasting change.

All together now! Economic fairness for all!

*Freedom to live and be employed without living in permanent debt, for instance.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Wait--when does anyone applaud homelessness?

  2. You listened to the video, right? You didn't hear it?


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