Friday, September 04, 2009

Ten Rockinest LP's from the Allright Aughties

Paste Magazine has been asking your favorite albums of the decade (in whatever it's being called these days: the Aughts? The Rockin' Aughties? the "Double" "O's"?) and it got me to straight-up thinkin... Hmmm...

Okay, this is not my definitive list. It's more of a working-edit list - a preparation for the big event that is the roar of the Big Teens. Nothing is set in stone here.

Bare in mind that I haven't bought too much music recently and that only occasionally have I really been able to delve into the latest and greatest (only to be reminded once again that just because something plays good on the radio doesn't mean it lasts. I'm looking at you, just about every band). I still have a lot of music recently that I'd like to play a few more times, loudly, to see if they make the cut or fake the dump (do you think that phrase will make the cut... or fake the dump?). Even ones listed on here should get another couple spins before I

A further complication is that either rock music is spending less time composing the full-length album and going back to the singles format, only still selling 50-70 minute records, or I'm just too lazy to listen to a full album anymore.

In no particular order except Album - Artist:
  • Phrenology - The Roots
  • Return to Cookie Mountain - TV on the Radio
  • Come on and Feel the Illinoise - Sufjan Stevens
  • Mr. Buechner's Dream - Daniel Amos
  • Funeral - Arcade Fire
  • Graduation - Kanye West
  • Modern Times - Bob Dylan
  • Live from another Level - Israel & New Breed
  • Oh Brother Where Art Thou? - Various, Music from the Motion Soundtrack
  • The Ringing Bell - Derek Webb

Note, I deliberately tried not to double-up on artists.

Others that are in consideration include U2, Joe Henry, Metric, Mars Ill, Jay-Z (for Fade to Black, which I'd have to consider apart from his post-retirement drizzle), Hold Steady (I'm still torn on them...), and Radiohead.

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  1. great list -- i love the inclusion of sufjan & I think that the Oh Brother cd is a very worthy film for an aughts music list.


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