Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's on like a Blog-a-thon

I've had this wonderful little idea for a series of posts that's been stuck in the back of my head for the last few weeks. It really stems from a complete frustration that it's the end of the year and I've neither seen enough movies or bought enough music to make my typical end of the year lists. It also stems from being disappointed in the lack of coverage of some of my favorite Christian recording artists, even by those who know something about Christian recording artists (of course, the word 'artist' is only tenuously applied here).

For a while I was thinking about doing a series of essays highlighting what I believe to be the best Albums by Christians that Rock (More on that phrasing later). I would soon follow that up by a best Albums by Christians that Folk (and Country) series and a best Albums by Christians that are Heads series. There would also probably be a miscellany thrown in there too (Black/White Gospel, Pop, Soundtrack, Veggie Tales cover, etc.), but you get the point.

But then an epiphany: Why not allow others to join in on the fun? So, if you're reading this, you've probably been invited. If you haven't, consider yourself invited. And if you don't have a blog by now, you might as well open one up just for this momentous occasion.

Now for the best part, the guidelines (not to be strictly enforced. But be aware that I do have ties to the mob):

1) It has to be an album (vinyl, cassette, CD, 8-track, whatever, the medium's not so important in this case - unless you want it to be) not just a song, and one that you do or did own and preferably listened to several times and can probably quote from memory.

2) It's an album put out by a self-professed Christian, or group of self-professed Christians, or from a band headed by a self-professed Christians. You do not have to agree with their particular worldview or brand of Christianity. They may never have been a believing Christian, they may have back-slidden, they may be arch-conservative or ultra-liberal, but they need to be a Christian by their own proclamations and their Christianity should, in some way, influence their music in much the same way that me being a Chicagoan affects my attitude and outlook (I'm so cold). (Note, the qualification is not if the group or performer is a Contemporary Christian Music artist or even remotely aligned with that tag.) So, although U2 and King's X and Danielson qualify, George Harrison and Bruce Springsteen and Evenescence do not.

3) That would mean, of course, that Carman and Stryper qualify. So, that brings us to our third guideline: It has to be of interest to you. You may do one on your favorite. You may do one on fond memories. You may do an expose. You may tell-all. In any case, it should inspire you to write something fairly original, something worth reading and writing.

4) And oh-so-important: It has to flippin' R.O.C.K.! Talkin' Led Zeppelin/Nirvana/Sex Pistols rock. Ok, maybe not necessarily. But save the other types of music (anything from Mark Heard to Sufjan Stevens to Michael W. Smith to Sam Cooke to M.C. Hammer) for another time. We're looking for face-melters / *alls-to-the-walls / Air-guitar-strumming / Butt-Head-tested, Beavis-approved / Let-your-Hendrix-Freak-Flag-Fly-All-Out / AC/DC Salute-worthy / Mosh Pit-ready rock. Roll is optional.

5) It should be an essay. Not a five paragraph essay, mind you. Not necessarily a one-pager, but a fair jaunt. Definitely not a blurb.

I think that's it. Blogger, WordPress, MySpace, your Space, it's all good FaceSpace. Yeah, you would need to post it next on something that goes up over that there internet contraption what's so popular these days.

Posts are going up next week to coincide with this whole end of the year thing (I hear that's the talk of the town). If you want to join in, hit me up and I'll link you in a round-up post.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, ladies. Who will bite the apple?


  1. Hi jasdye,

    I regret I'm not much of a music buff. So I would not be able to make a meaningful contribution here.

  2. i will definitly give this a-thon a go.

    i will be interested to see what everyone puts together as well.

  3. Count me in, buddy. Mine will be my first CD of the Week for the new year and will be posted (probably) Wednesday.

  4. sheila,

    aww, too bad. any contribution would be nice, but i understand.

    rc & art,

    awesome! totally looking forward to it. any time during the week is great, though i'm planning on doing a multi-part.

  5. I'm in...provided I can find a CD that "rawks" (most of the the Christian music I have is either quiet acoustic contemplation or head-nodding hip-hop). Of course, Run-DMC are the Kings of Rock, so who knows?

    I'm getting a new iPod in the next couple of days, so that gives me a good excuse to peruse my collection. My post - should I accept your assignment - may fall a day or two out of your requested timeframe.

  6. micah,

    that's quite all right. i think that most of my own reflections will come in after the deadline. the adam again piece (above) took a lot out of me.

  7. Jase,

    This sounds like a cool idea bro. I'd rather not commit (although I'm a serious music fan) but plan to follow the threads!


  8. well, count 'em down, bro.

    *lightning and thunder*

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  10. you talk a lot of trash for someone who doesn't even list their name, anon.


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