Friday, May 25, 2007

!!!!!!!CHICAGO IN REVIEW!!!!!!!!

Three day weekend happening. Gotta love it.

Wifey's finally getting some sleep. But since I've been cheating and getting - y'know - some sleep every night (as in, more than her requisite two hours at the beginning or end), I could probably catch up on some writing. 'Cuz I won't catch up on my reading, that's for sure.

Eat my moral-teaching shorts, John Dewey!

That'll show 'em!

There's a few places I want to check out this weekend, none involving ants or pic-i-nic baskets. *Crossing fingers*

Cozy Corner is the local (very local, being nearly across the corner. And very cozy, being that it's literally a corner of a restaurant and it's always post-full during human-being hours [like, after 9a.m.]) greasy spoon that my wife and I have made a weekly tradition of since we moved in. We haven't had the opportunity to go within the last month. It's great for traditional breakfast, with omelets so good you'll smack your mother, beautiful, fluffy, full pancakes, and a slightly Mexican-spiced orientation. Lunch isn't so great, but since breakfast is served as long as it's open (with relatively short hours, this place opens at 4am and closes at 6). So, that's one yummy butter-filled possibility.

bLENd isn't necessarily in our neighborhood, nor is it exactly close. But it's just a few stops away on the eL. And since Mrs. JasDye isn't such a big fan of coffee, we can get us some of them there fruitee smoovies what them new-nicks is always spittin' up about.
I may stop by there on Monday and try to get some reading done. And then race home to get my homework in. I'm such a lame.

There's also a new crepes and panini B&L place opened under the eL station near us that the alt-weekly Reader just featured with the title "Best Panini in Town?" The review seems to suggest that it's a strong possibility. Vella Cafe, though, may be tapped on Memorial Day Brunch due to the press, but we can at least swing by. If nothing else, we can at least support the local, independent restaurant movement by ordering a McSausageMcMuffinMcCheese and get a free McCoffee for my McTroubles.


Nothing except the Stax 50th anniversary double-album. If you're not a complete collector-nut, get this one, even if you already own, say, the Sam & Dave collection. Since my computer is completely down, I haven't been able to iPod in a couple months. But, when I do get another computer, my first purchase would be to get some more Booker T.

And then some more diapers.


No new updates, but when I'm in a better position emotionally (slow ebb of violin strings...) I totally want to see the newest teacher movies and do an analysis of the four ones released within the last year. At least the ones I'm aware of are The History Boys, Freedom Writers, Chalk and that Ryan Gosling as a coke-snorting one that I couldn't bear to watch. If you know of others please feel free to tell me (The Substitute XII, anyone?).


  1. STAX??? ! Now you're talkin' real music, man!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. These are kinda helpful. Now, if only I were gonna have TIME to do anything in Chicago . . .

  3. art,

    as opposed to say, Sufjan Stevens?


    layover in chicago?

    good news, though. bLENd is right next to a starbucks. you'll probably have to stop by anyway (there not being so many of them and all...)

  4. Not layover exactly, although you can find out what I actually did on my first day if you read my latest post.

    No, I'm in Wheaton for a writer's conference. I think I might be out of my league. But that's supposed to be good for me, right?

  5. notes on a scandal is another teacher movie.

  6. thanks for the tip, rc.


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