Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's Play Catch-Up!

  • Apparently, Ol' Bessie (aka, Cheap Acer - the term-of-no-endearment Mrs. jasdye gave her) was running on empty. The old hard drive just ain't what it used to be. An expensive inpatient stay at the Geek Squad informed me of that. Now I have to try to figure if I want to spend another couple bills fixing her or just start from scratch and buy a more reliable machine. Which I may or may not take with me to work (why should I endanger my machine for their work?, I keep asking myself. To no avail. I make a lousy conversationalist). In any case, I'm really concerned about my iTunes. Can I transfer all those tunes via my iPod into another computer? How does that work with the DRM's? Does anybody know? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I need to back everything up from now on out eight times over.
  • I also lost my phone. I'm turning into Homer Simpson in things digital. Funny thing is, I haven't stored most of the numbers there anywhere else and I barely remember my own number. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm such a block-head.
  • Mrs. jasdye and I have been looking for a new church now for a bit. Which has been hard for me, since my old church is like family. Old family, in quite a few cases. But, we're both really liking this church. It's about a mile from our house, it's multi-cultural (in some ways more so than our last - which is hard to find in the Evangelical tradition), has a congregation that is social/economically-mixed (also like our last church - with a mixture of homeless, yuppies, college students, hipsters, etc.), is laid back but mixes high-church liturgy (which is a mix that I'm pretty comfortable with and have been trying to get my old church to embrace), and speaks our language in terms of the redemptive work of God in the whole of the world through Jesus' death and resurrection. The one weak spot that we've noticed is that we would be considered in the older end of the church's spectrum, that being a very small window for the most part. But, like ourselves, it seems like the church is also booming out some babies and young'uns. So, we'll see and try to keep posted.


  1. In my experience, repairing a computer - especially if it's a lower end model or a few years old - is a waste. You can get a new machine for the bucks you'll spend...

    And, for the most, part iTunes is portable. We switched computers late last year and had no trouble... then again, I backed up everything on a USB drive...

    As to your church shopping, both sound interesting. I'd love to be in an inclusive and multicultural church. Ours, by default, is not. And although I'm older than you, I'm considered one of the youngsters in our congregation.

    We do have a good mix of HC liturgy and people's language, though, so I'm good with that.

    Anyway, good luck with your electronic gear and your churchin'...

  2. well, in MY experience...

    the mistake i made was in giving these dudes any money at all in the upfront. but more on that later.

    i wish i could afford to, right now, get a whole brand new spanking computer, but another K just can't be spent right now.

  3. As for iTunes, all of the DRM songs you bought can be authorized to play on up to 5 computers. I got a new computer in January, so I backed all of my music on my external hard drive and then transferred them to the new computer. Pretty painless, except I had to reset my iPod, thus losing all of my playcounts (I'm anal like that). And I had to resubscribe to all of my podcasts.

  4. yeah, that is a bit annoying (wait, am i going to lose old podcasts? that wouldn't really make sense, but i hope not). but seeing how weird al has (mysteriously) made it to the number one spot and most of the other spots are monopolized by pigeon john (not that that's a bad choice). so, maybe it's time for a fresh start.

  5. It was actually kind of refreshing when my playcounts cleared. And is there something wrong with "Weird" Al? I'm going to go see him in concert on Wednesday. He topped my charts last week (I listened to literally ALL of his albums, start to finish; concert prep, you know).

    And yes, you'll lost them thar podcasts. Be sure to make a list of what you subscribe to. There are some podcasts that I actually save (the onion, kevin smith's show). I'm already up to my fourth CD-R.

  6. nuts!

    i've been relistening to the relevant podcasts. this time with my wife - who really likes it. which is nice for me.


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