Saturday, June 24, 2006

Drive (Still Unfinished)

sometime 'tween the beginning and the driving
we were trying for the very first again
a shoving, easy pulley out and in
like a baby had lost her legs
i don't know which way
i should turn this grin

somewhere 'tween the end and the bends
between the engine 'n' the lead
found myself pulling for breakfast
made room at the top of the drag
ice don't bear enough friction
spun camaro pulled
close into the snow

how often i travel faster than friction
would allow, being
found in the relationship of the grooves
and the gravel, pavement. it is loose.
before fact pulls its queen of fiction
before traction pulls its king of moves
and anticipation its ace of blindside
before the devil's secretary takes diction
i'm trapped between the curb and the side
no race, no movement

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