Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life's a Beach*

Sorry I've turned this blog into a teenager's rant-xanga the last week. It probably explains why readership is down this week. But, the truth is, I've always been a bore.

Anyway, time for a little comedy. haha. I looked funny before shaving (this morning). And at the end of the school week.

In other news, see a girl jump through a basketball hoop. If you haven't already, that is. Un-flippin'-believable. (Is that a curse? I'm trying to give those up for Lent, at the least.)

And then there's this live action re-sequencing of The Simpsons' opening.

*An ESL student of mine thought she had to convince me that she said beach, with a long e, not a long i.


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM are really pale. lol

  2. Heeeey I know this person! Hahaahaa...your hair is longer! And darker! It didn't look that dark when thou wast in Can-ah-dah. And yeah a lil paler. That must be the weather. You didn't look this pale in tha summa-summa. Maybe that was due to your quarter-Rican tinge. I dunno. Hahaha it's so funny to see you again, I dunno why I keep laughing. It's just oh so familiar. Those aren't new glasses are they?

    k, I'm gonna shutup now.

    *cheese-grins and runs away from the comp giggling*

  3. hey, stop laughing at me.

    it's called light-skinneded.

    this is my winter look. in the summer, my caribbean genes take over and i look more toasty than your average irishman. winter has me looking like wonderbread, though.

    new glasses... no. but i got a pair the last time, so this is one of two.

  4. So that's what an Irish/Puerto Rican hybrid looks like.

  5. unlike other hybrids, i do not travel 80 mpg.

    but that is what a irish/puerto rican hybrid looks like. the other twelve models vary.


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