Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Let me tell ya somethin'

this is plumb hilarious. i cannot enter my own blog. i can't. i tried to go visit somebody else's blog, i couldn't get in there either. see, i use the computers at work to do this (no, not while i'm working, but that's a different story for a different day) and they are tied down to a blocking mechanism of some sort (i think it's called filterpak, let me check... yep, filterpak). don't get me wrong, it's actually a relief to have my only regular source of internet usage in a public space, tied to a place of worship and tied down by a -- sometimes oblivious and / or insipid -- internet blocking service. in the meantime, i'm wondering if there really is "pornography, recreational nudity" on my website and who put it there.

and no, i don't think it's the name, catchy and cheeky as it may be. it also didn't open for lookingcloser's blog.

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  1. i checked on a different set of computers. the ones at Moody Bible Institute.

    no porn.

    gosh, they're such friggin' idiots (not moody).


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