Sunday, July 10, 2005

We thought it would be funny...

Ok, that's the last time we'll channel Alan Funt in this blog. But I make no such promises concerning the royal 'we'.

But considering that this blog gets so few hits - besides those Sociology Ph.D. candidates researching the infamous and nefarious 'No hollerback, girrrrrrrrrl/Bananas' song (Yet what they really got was a bad joke. Shhh, don't tell nobody!) - I thought that this might be a safe place for this assignment. I'm looking for the stupidest - read, funniest or most inane (or at least upsetting) - comment left on your blog. If you don't have a blog, you can quote from someone else's, but in either case, I need to see a tag, we need to be able to see your source. Let me explain this just a bit: By funny, I do not mean an inside joke. We all laugh at the inside jokes on our blogs and often at the inside jokes of someone else's conversations, but 1) there are too many, 2) they are not transferable. Two, if you need to, provide some context. Remember, a joke is all about deliverance on context. Set-up, pop. But if the said comment just irritated the mess out of you, we should also know why.

And in saying 'we', we are merely speaking of our readers and - mostly - ourselves.

The winner will be announced by this Friday and will receive 1) notoriety, 2) the Bananas Award via the ever-efficient and extraordinary USPS. (Please don't let it be Christine. Why, oh why do you have to live in another country?)

Get to it people, It's clobbering time!


  1. Okay so i have no funny comment on my blog to offer you. yes, this is sad, I know! but..I do have a new posting on my blog, that is probably the most "intimate" of all...the most open to response as well, I'd say. So read it, respond to it, enjoy it, hate it, whatever!...and by the ya been? lol

    Destiny ><>

  2. ok, lady, we know you're new to this, but nobody likes a desperate destiny.

    eh, what can i say, i'm a sucker for damsels in distress. must be the secret john eldredge lover in me.

  3. john eldredge is amazing! and I'm not desperate...just persistent! Hey it worked didn't it?!

  4. ahhh, snap. i had a whole piece about eldrege ready to go, and then i absent-mindedly pushed the wrong button.

    dang you, blogger!

    anyway, i'll get into more detail about my disdain for eldredge later. but, suffice it to say, desty, many of my bestest friends are huge fans of mine. which, i think, is why i can get real tough on him when i'm out of earshot. but you're in good company. i just happen to think it's a bad place to be. :P

    two, i'm assuming you knew i was joking about the 'desperate' thing. and yes it worked. doesn't mean it's right. now, now, remember to ask the big question: what would johhny do?

    talk to ya later, gater!

  5. OK, I'll bite. Here's an actual comment from my blog:

    'Thought & Humor' said...

    You have a riveting web log and undoubtedly
    must have atypical & quiescent potential for
    your intended readership. May I suggest that
    you do everything in your power to honor
    your Designer/Architect as well as your audience.
    Please remember to never restrict anyone's
    opportunities for ascertaining uninterrupted
    existence for their quintessence.

    Best wishes for continued ascendancy,

    My reply: Huh?

    And watch out for that Destiny ... she has a link to Relevant, and you know what THAT means.

    I'd cue up the Silverwind song, but it came out before she was born. Odds are she's never heard it.

  6. thanks martin. recognize you from lookingcloser.

    dude, i think I was born before silverwind. they were a 70's Jesus movement / early CCM band, right?

    what the bleep does 'thought and humor' know? that's about as new age as you can get. to quote lisa simpson, 'i know those words. they don't make sense together.' except i don't know but half of them. they definitely don't belong together.

    anyway, sorry about the mess at this site. i feel like i should almost apologize. 'yeah, the maid's gone. i've been gearing up to start this collabo-blog, blah, blah, blah...'

    confession: i check out relevant every once in a while to keep my heart rate up. i feel like this senior citizen going through that site, leaving comments directed at snotty nosed, know-it-all brats more worried about their cool factor (and probably deceived by their churches and youth ministries into thinking Jesus is about cool) than about, well, ministry, love, self-sacrifice, compassion, dialogue, God.

    Destiny's cool. She's written some mean verbage.

  7. thank you Jason! and hey..I'll stand up and say I like relevant, though I may not agree with everything posted on the site, I am well aware that the writings are not necessarily an indication of the thought-processes of relevant magazine itself. anyways, I have a friend who writes freelance for them, and I myself wouldn't mind doing their marketing campaigns! but hey..we can dream of having a bigger influence I guess!

    "mean verbage"..that's nice..I think I'll keep that!


  8. yeah, i disagree with soo much going on there, at relevant. but it completely reflects trends that have started and been in motion for a generation or more in the evangelical movement (specifically consumerism). in fact a mindset that started in the protestant movement since inception has been proven to be cancerous and has been manifested in such outlets as relevant. and, speaking as a hard-core evangelical and learning calvanist, that thought process is individualism. of which i'm trying to shake off. it's hard, but i think we need a serious wake-up call.

    whatever, getting off my high-horse.


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