Monday, July 04, 2005

Armaggedeon Countdown Begins...

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is coming out on DVD.

It's been nearly twenty years since those of us with so little taste that we hung up their stickers all over our rooms, doors, garbage cans, clothes, folders, school work, little kin, etc. were actually reviled by the supreme lameness of the movie. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie was Orson Welles compared to this mess.
Nijas in a half-shell. Turtle Power.

Now, the next time y'all tease me about Michelle Williams, there's more where that came from.

Trivia: Corey Feldman played the voice of Donatello in 2/3rds of the TMNT film trifecta.


  1. My mother almost killed me when I brought home a bunch of Garbage Pail Kid trading cards. I was so innocent about it. I never knew there was a movie. I can't say much about it since I've never seen it, how disgusting.

    Donatello! He was my fave ninja turtle. My brothers and I use to play like we were the turtles and I was always Donatello. *sigh* I miss being a kid.

    I can't believe I'm commenting on this. Heh.

  2. yeah, this is my joke post. i could write better stuff on drugs. i could make better masks on drugs, for that matter.

    so, not only were the creators of gpk's on drugs, they were talentless and lazy.

  3. let me just say that, shamefully, yet proudly...(does that even make sense)...I loved the gpk. I couldn't help it, I was what like 4 at the time...I liked them. and the teenage mutant ninja turtles, let me just say I grew up in a house with older brothers...oh the influence!


  4. proud shame? hmmmm...

    yeah, i grew up in a house with younger brothers, so i was watching 'toons long past when i should've stopped.

    but garbage pail kids the movie. yech! and i'm saying that as a dude who inequivocally loved the garbage pail kid stickers, which were proudly displayed all over our shared rooms.

  5. ok, was donatello the one with the bow staff, 'cuz that is skills. y'know, nunchuk skills, bow staff skills, girl skills...

    3 points for the first person w/ the ref.

  6. Wasn't Donatello the intelligent one? I think I admired him the most. Oh nooo the rat-master too, what was his name? Talk about zen-esque, he was genius. Master Splinter? Yeeeaaaahhh. I thought Michaelangelo had the most fun though, and hold up, didn't he do a dance sequence with Vanilla Ice in TMNJ 2? I remember watching that for my 9th birthday party. Crazy.

    I wasn't that into Garbage Pail kids I thought they were disgusting, and a lil disturbing. Then again I was kinda young when they were le rage.
    And such an obvious parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids.

  7. Oops, TMNT 2, I meant.

  8. of course they were a parody, babygirl. of course they were revoltingly disgusting. that's the whole gimmick. a two trick pony. but when you're young and a guy, what else is there to do?

    oh yeah, mad magazine (alfred e. neuman for prez) and those little slime balls that came in the plastic eggs, an obvious parody of L'Eggs.

    i'm trying to remember the characters, actually. i guess a little research'll go a long way. but one of them was always bordering on anakin skywalker rage. good thing there wasn't an apprenticeship with little toddler mutant ninja turtles...

    nod twice if you get it. too bad my little padwans.


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