Wednesday, July 20, 2005


You know I don't like these "this is what's going on in my life" posts. Others, like Revolt, are really good at it. It's not much of my t'ang, y'all.

But, while I'm waiting for my resumes to print (stupid printer, stupid printer), thought I'd bore y'all too...

Finally bought Five Iron Frenzy's last, The End Is Here. They used to be one of my favorite bands. But personally, I'm not big on ska. I think it's a fairly limited musical form. Which is why I don't listen to much hard music. (By the way, if you don't own Arcade Fire's Funeral, what the heck is wrong with you? Pick it up. I said, "NOW!"). Five Iron, however, is a good ska band, and some great songwriters, in the tradition of - though not quite there yet - of a Steve Taylor or Terry Taylor. If you don't know who these two people are, what the heck is wrong with you? All right, I'll provide the links later.

But FIF is socially conscious and funny and fairly probing, in social, personal, spiritual and political matters (which, I think, is the way it should be). "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs" shall live on, mis gentes! I do have one more thing to say about it, at this point (Like I'll do a review on it. Puh-leeze!). Can somebody introduce me to Leanor Ortega? I think I want to marry her, or at least ask her to remove the court order.

I also picked up Mary Mary's Mary Mary, if for no other reason than to obligate myself to write the name Mary several times in a row. Actually, to my ears, it seems they avoided the sophomore slump on this, their third album. I wish they had also avoided it on their sophomore album. But dang, some Stax-like soul burners, a couple big band influenced torchers. A couple softy songs (not one for 'em, but their main demographic is girls so, go figure). Warryn Campbell is a genius (so much so he married one of them before I got the chance to even propose), although his rapping skills leave a bit to be desired. I still wish they'd take advantage of the skills of some of the finest rappers out there (hello ManChild, Ambassador, Coffee, Freddy Bruno, Pigeon... no, no Pigeon John. Sorry baby. Loose cannon.) And the sisters can sang, period. Especially in gospel music, they will just flat embarrass poseurs like Beyonce. But don't take my word for it, buy it.

I'll put links in later.

Oh, and tomorrow's the big day. Fly or crash and burn. If I don't get some bites at the Chicago Public School county/job meet & greet fair, I'm moving to the country. Skraight up, y'all!


  1. Arcade Fire you say?! You know they're maple leaf-eans right? Hee hee, and Chris Martin himself said they're the next Coldplay, just a bit more grungier. And don't they have like 40 members in the band? Insane. I saw them perform at the MMVA's (MuchMusic (CAnadian MTV) Video Awards) this summer on TV, fell in love. I don't like that their video looks 'greasy' though.

    As for MMsquared, I forgot about their third effort. And hey, I happened to like the 'Incredible' LP. And don't give me that demographic reference eitha. Anyway I should check the third effort, it might just be as hot as you say it is. And I agree, they could've easily scouted the whole Gotee boot camp for an emcee (is it just me oorrr, is Gotee Records not like the Christian J-Records? They scoop up MOST of the dopest HHH emcee talent, I notice).

    FIF seems interesting..I shall inquire further.

  2. yes, i'm aware they're cannucks. still good though.

    can't believe cmartin would compare them to himself (his band, i mean). big head of his. they're so much more versatile than coldplay.

    haven't seen their videos. usually either videos are really good or music is really good. videos are misleading.

    and the self-titled mary mary is really nice.

    ba-ba-ba i'm a believer


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