Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Memory meme

Timi put me up to this. I still love you, sis.

Ten years ago: I was just starting college. And I was working part-time and I was paying out of pocket and saving money like crazy. Course it was a community college.

Five years ago: I think that's when I took a year off from school to decide my next major. Yeeeaaah, English Education!

One year ago: I was broke. Bum broke. Only ocassionally working. My friends were helping me out. But I was also getting ready to go to a terrific urban sports camp (KAA, you know!) with my brother, my good friend AJ (Happy Birfday, AJ!) and several loveable rugrats, two of whom are in Haiti this week. I love my rugrats. Oh, and I started working full-time for the church as an interim youth director.

Yesterday: We celebrated AJ's birthday. AJ likes to think of herself as a spy. That's ok, 'cuz we do too. For this surprise party, her roommates and best friends devised a fun little spy romp, where they'd leave little clues that lead to one another and lead to evidence (such as random pirate noises, etc.) that I had kidnapped them (hence, the Pirate Kidnapper text some of y'all got yesterday) and brought them downtwon to a factory (Cheesecake Factory, where the cheesecake is both really expensive and really rich. Honestly, I didn't eat dinner like everybody else did, and still I couldn't finish my slice. Course I had some burgers 'fore we left. But that was 5 hours before the cheesecake. And I, like Timi, LOOOOVE cheesecake!) where she could 'Declare our Independence' - meaning in the John Hancock building. She actually got the Cheesecake Factory reference, but somehow missed the Declaration of Independence reference, so she started looking for another room of some sort. Tracked her down like an animal. Lot of fun.

Today: Woke up before the alarm.

Tomorrow: Is Thursday. Baby steps, baby steps.

5 snacks I enjoy: Technically, not snacks: Cheesecake, Ice Cream, Doritos, Cookies, Frappaccinos. (I'm gonna be diabetic and lactose intolerant, I swear.)

5 bands that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
Not all of the lyrics to songs, but a lot of them, and not all bands but, U2, Switchfoot, dc Talk (Sooo much shame!), Fred Hammond, Stevie Wonder & Cross Movement. 6, so what? They're all incomplete!

Stryper, eat your heart out!

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:
1) Get out of debt
2) Take care of my family
3) Buy a home
4) Use 20,000,000 to donate to World Vision, some other charities I believe in (KAA, Inner City Impact, my church). And yes, I do tithe now.
5) Start a company. It's the best way to get people work.
*This is all contingent on taxation. I'm figuring that I'll still owe the gov half even if I donate one-third and start a company with most of the rest. Now, if I started a corporation...

5 locations I’d like to runaway to: Hawaii. OK, I haven't the foggiest. I'm planning on going south in a few weeks in a rental car, so, we'll see.

5 bad habits I have:
1) Touch my hair.
2) Touch my face (oily skin I've got, can't be touching no face).
3) My bedroom's a super-duper mess and I always put it off.
4) I watch way too much late night tv.
5) Sarcasm.

5 things I like doing:
1) Writing
2) Reading
3) Having mixed intelligent/goofy conversations
4) Having someone make me laugh
5) Figuring things out (I'm pretty slow)

5 things I would never wear:
1) Skirt
2) Dress
3) Hot pants
4) halter tops
5) tattoos (I'm too beautiful to blemish my skin with ink)
Yes, the last three were Timi's, but they're applicable.

5 TV shows I like:
1) Simpsons
2) Letterman
3) Conan O'Brien
4) Buffy (It's been awhile, though. Don't laugh, it's got some of the finest writing, period.)
5) The Office *

5 movies I like:
1) Napoleon Dynamite
2) Hoop Dreams
3) Star Wars IV
4) Star Wars V
5) Magnolia

Don't lie, you thought I was gonna put an image of Napoleon, didn't you? What the heck is your problem?

5 famous people I’d like to meet:
They're dead. And they're the same ones others would say. And what would I say to them? "Wanna play me?"

5 biggest joys at the moment:
1) Spending time with my youth kids.
2) Spending time with my friends.
3) Alone time.
4) Writing.
5) Making someone laugh.

5 favorite toys: Toys? I can't afford toys!

Who's next?
I'm'a tag (and I know some are on hiatus and some ain't gonna want to do this, pero...) Adam Ant, Gabzilla, Alibabba, Destiny and - just for kicks - Micah, 'cuz he's bored out of his skull.


  1. i've done this already! lol.

    i'm not doing it. period. haha.

    ok, i'm seriously gone. bye.

  2. i'll take your word for it, jewelsalisa. i'm not going deep into xanga territory there.

    1 down, 4 to go.

    by the way, i double-teamed gabi. in the hopes that maybe we can coax her out of retirement to waste some time. but... seriously, she could use prayer. and rest.

  3. I might do it, depending on if i have enough people to tag..I don't want the buck to stop with me!!


  4. ahhh,

    they need to stop somewhere.

    i'm gonna put a moratorium on memes in a bit.

    no mo' meme's. but, yak yak yak, i'm all talk and no spine.

    and besides, i find your memes funny and a bit insightful.

  5. interesting! howso? and why don't you post the answer in my i know what the deal is...I feel so alone over there in my own little part of the internet universe!

  6. oh, you're like my very own siren.


    hey, if you want others to leave comments on your site, you gotta be ready to visit and leave comments on a whole bunch of blogs. blogspace is probably the easiest to at least start with. i found the basis of the collective because, for instance, both christine (aka revolt) and micah (aka micah) both listen to pigeon john and had him listed on their profiles. very different people with very different personalities, but both cool enough to listen to pigeon john.

    adam (aka puddlegum) was through christine (aka revolt) although i actually did see adam's mug on the pigeon john listings. i did find his picture (my next criterion) interesting, but not inviting (something about putting your hand over your face does not say, hey, i want to get to know you, or, hey, i'm fun to be with.). but his writing definitely was.

    a lot of the others (as if there's a whole bunch)i got to meet through christine (aka revolt) and adam (aka puddlegum). cool peeps like timi (aka huh?) and gabi (aka gabzilla).

    i guess it could be a lot larger, but i pretty much cooled down with that.

    blah, blah, blog.


  7. and it seems like Jason (aka cheekster) did NOT include me on his list of people to tag!


    *storms away and leaves no shalom behind*

    *about to throw a rock*

    *remembers that I'm 'not without sin'*

    *drops rock*

    *trips over it*

  8. honey, timi got you.

    you're so clumsy.

    i love that about you. *trips over keyboard 'cuz he was leaning too close to the screen* *bleeds* *10 stitches*

  9. and where's my shalom?

    he who rocks!

  10. No shalom for you!


    the shalom nazi.

  11. now, are you sure? is that an association that you want on your head?

    i just want to be sure.

  12. *sighs*

    *puts down 'no shalom for you' picket sign*

    *walks off, kicking up dust*

    she who rocked originally.

  13. no. you are the one to whom the rock was to belong to.

    i am the rightful owner of at least 90% of the rocking. you may have legal claims to the remaining 1/10th.

    don't be sad. i'll still think of you in my shalom.

    he who has possession has 9/10's of the rock.

  14. LOL! retirement. ur crazy.

    thanks. i like "alibabble" thas cute.

  15. silly alibabble. that's why you get the title, i suppose. i forgot i wrote that a week ago, before gabs was grounded and forced to blog again.

  16. hm. yes. im sorry. lol. i like it tho. me gusta.

  17. i have enabled the feature that gives me the comment via email every time one is left, but never the post.

    w/ you, i always have to figure out which one it was.

    you're fun. like a commenter on crack compared to most of the others (poss. exception being chris/revolt)


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