Monday, July 25, 2005

The last stanza's a mess

While I was writing this simple little poem (Sometimes it's an exercise I do to clear my head so I can write some quality stuff. But sometimes it turns out quite all right on its own.) at the cafe, a couple were loudly and profanely demonstrating their grievances toward each other. And although it was almost funny at the beginning, it was also sad. Not for them. Forget them. It was sad for those of us enjoying the relative cool of the night (That day it surpassed a 100 degrees Farenheit, which is the scientific-equivalent term for So Hot You Can't Even Sweat No Mo') and trying to study/read/write.

how will i
will to do
what the few
choose to rule

cause matter
of the mind
still shattered
lingered time

never could
matter mind
take two pills
& grow a spine


  1. You're gonna hate me for this but...

    this sounds like a Chris Martin poem.

    Which I obviously LOVE.

    'how will i
    will to do
    what the few
    choose to rule'

    that's like the premise to track 3 on the X&Y album, tee-hee.

    The point is, it's sharp and curt, and ends bitterly 'take two pills & grow a spine'...yet there is no room for error in understanding the point of the piece.

  2. really?

    seriously, could you tell me? 'cuz i ain't too sure.

  3. and aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggggh on your fascination w/ chris martin, sug's.

    i've been doin' this stuff a decade 'fore wetplay ever entered on the scene.

    inspiration? adam again.

  4. Whaaaat...? It just sounds so Chris Martin'ish I couldn't help it. Plus I'm completely Coldplay-centered as of last week Friday. I'm in love with the new album.

    'take two pills, and grow a spine'...I swear this morning it made complete sense. But I lose about 73% of my intelligence once 12am rolls around.

    haha @ 'wetplay' friend Migs calls them 'hotrest'.

  5. i like 'wetplay' better.

    the 'take two pills' couplet was directly about the fact that i couldn't stand the arguing couple but i ain't done nothin' bout it. it doesn't have much to do with the rest of the poem.

    yes, we all know you love coldplay. but we still love you.


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