Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My plans for world peace have once again been thwarted.

Arrrrgghhhh! Hulk angry!

Ever get that feeling that the world was at your fingertips, just ready to comply to your most secret, most base desires, especially if your desire was to see Celine Dion (the Queen of Pretentiousness) perform "Bad" by Michael Jackson (the Queen of Preteens).

The filthy part of this dream is that I can not, the raison d'etre has slipped through my grasp. I do not have the capabilities here at work to watch it. Quicktime is not downloaded here and it would be so much trouble trying to download it. But, if you have it and you watched that piece of cosmic genius and now you are just getting off your high, you might be able to - depending on the feasibility and expediency of lawyers - check out downloads from Live 8.

Thanks to lookingcloser.blogspot.com for nothing. For me. If you get 'em and love 'em, send 'em a note. Tell 'em I sent ya. And answer this question:

Who's bad?


  1. oh no you didn't
    celine dion and child molester in the same post. what an amazing couple.

    could you imagine what there babies would be like? they'd be crazy canadian rapists. HAHAH!!

    tu parles français??!!! moi aussi! or was that just a spurt where you used a diff. language?

  2. ugh!! why'd you have to use "j-dizzle" on gab's site! he used to use that nickname - that reminded me of my "ex" cough, i don't know what else to call him, that i'm currently having issues with. UGH!! good job! lol. it's all your fault. hmph.

    get a new nickname!

    life's so complicated.

  3. like i told gabi, all of the ones i'm using on her site are old nicknames. before your ex, i would assume.

    everybody pretty much sticks with jason or jay now. nothing exotic. guess it shows my age...

    i took french in high school - but miserably. i should know spanish, being that i'm part puerto rican and i live in and grew up in a puerto rican neighborhood and puerto rican-heavy church, which, by the way, is called New Hope Bible Church, around Division and Western in Chicago.

    and, you're funny girl, but do you know what you write half the time? get me all worked up! but that's cool.

  4. i know where that is! lol.

    i do? i'm sorry i don't even remember what i write. i just keep writing until i feel like i've let it all out.

    yeah, school was lame today. what a waste.

    im so lazy i dont want to finish my project.

    and yea, haha, ur old, ahha, no ur not, u just think u are b/c ur not young-"half empty or half full?"

  5. you must have a lot to let out...

    do you know where the neighborhood is or the church? 'cuz you're from chicago, too, right?

    adn, i'm assuming you're in summer school. if so, sorry. (course, what's the other option?) i don't think any of my kids are in summer school this year. thank yooouuuu, Jesus!

  6. yeah, you should hear my testimony sometime, trust me, i'm better off than i should be.

    yes i do know, and im from chicago altho i don't live there righ now. i live in elmhurst.

    righ righ, i'm in summer school...i FINALY finished my project and now i gotta get up in the morning at 630..and knowing GOD, he's gonna wkae me up at 5 to talk to him. ugh. *glares up at him* w/e, I still love you God even tho my sleep is precious YOU are my strength.

    did you ever read my xanga? i like my last post.

    you have kids?!?! WHAT? i'm so confused.

  7. yes, i read your xanga, but i'm afraid to reply there. seems to much like myspace. some stuff just scares me. not your blog, just the whole xanga thing. sounds like a pharmaceutical w/ a whole day's worth of side effects:
    product may induce diarrhia, vomiting, tonsilitis, sudden death, warrior princesses, extra toes, diabetes, internal bleeding, malaria, polio,...

    i'm a youth minister, so my kids are those kids that are under my pastoral care.

    i think it's great that you're able to commune w/ God at such an un-Godly hour. i'm still in the process of learning that. Christine would probably say the same.

    in fact, a lot of us so-called grown folks would also say the same. so, great you're starting out while still in your teens.


  8. OHHHHH I gotcha. aww that's so sweet.

    yeah, I know how that is, and I'm glad that you're not looking down upon me as a teen, because a lot of US can say that we're FED UP TO HERE! with "grown folk" tellin us that we aren't livin for Christ even though we are-ur doubt and fail to support/encourage us does NOT help-thas my beef for today lol.

    ohhh ok-reply! i love getting feedback and encouragement, etc. just a hello or somethin, and is hard for me to keep comin back to ur site to read stuff, so is easier if u leave me a reply on my site-in the cbox or somethin..whattt, gabi does it! u can do it too.

    aw, who's christine? just don't give up. i mean ur 30, God still has u here, there's a reason for that.

    HAHAHAHAH that made me laugh!


  9. "i mean ur 30, God still has u here, there's a reason for that."

    huh?? i recognize it as a joke, just don't understand the ref., jewelsalison.

    i'll visit xangamanga later today. or die trying. from the side effects.

    i try not to underestimate youth. i think it's only fair, at the least. i was so emotional, but i would've hated for others to deny my emotions and tell me get over it or for others to not be there as i was growing.

    christine is my very bestest blogging friend. and is a member of the collective, which just started out ( furtherup.blogspot.com ). she also goes by the alias, revolt. she's at http://mehfehblah.blogspot.com/.

    anyway, she's jamaican-canadian and cooler than a cube.

  10. LMBO!!!!!!! did you just call me jewelsalison!? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm referring your age to the last statement you made in that comment about grown-ups. you said you were all late in growing with God so that's why i said what i said.

    LOL! thas right, thanks, hey, where'd u grow up?

    hey! i wanna join that collective, lol. and ok i'll check christine out.

  11. did i say i was late in growing w/ God? i guess in a sense i was.

    and, your name's alisa, right? for some reason i keep thinking it's alison. prob 'cuz i don't know any alisa's.

    again, chicago. humboldt park. before that lincoln aquare (kindergarten to 7th grade)

    the collective is currently closed. sorry. but maybe in the near-to-distant future...

    gotta earn your way in. and we're strict. (but maybe you can take invisible gabi's place. can't find her.)

  12. yes.

    yes that's my name. oh no my name's not alisoN! yuck! lol.

    hm ok.

    oh ok. lol. yeah huh.

  13. what in the world?

    did you mean for me to search high and low to the very bottom of this very long page to find this one comment.

    all right, you made me laugh. so there.

    gabi's place is still open, but first you'll have to kidnap her and assume her identity.

    and it should read, "lincoln Square" not "lincoln Aquare." that's a totally different place.


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