Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Childhood Meme(nto)

Thanks a lot, Ms. Revolt(ing).

Ok, this is probably the easiest meme I've ever seen, in terms of questions. Answers? Now, that may be a different story. Unless you cheat.

Name your 5 favorite childhood memories:

1) Tasty Freeze
Ahhh, ice cream in the summer. When I think of how poor we were and cheap my father was (more on that later), I can't believe we ever went to Tasty Freeze (Actually, I don't remember if we did. Maybe I just went with my youth pastor in 6th grade.), let alone bought Breyers most the time. A tradition I continue to this day.

2) Chuck E. Cheese
We never went for my birthday, and I was too old to enjoy the ball room, but pizza & video games? All in the same place? Toy Story almost made me want to cry, watching it again.

3) 'Look at these.' (The punch-line of a girls' joke that i didn't understand was a girls' joke until much later.)
And, years later, I confound innocents the world over. Just not in the same way.

4) (You knew I was gonna say this one) Government cheese.
We honestly were dirt poor. In terms of strict economics, we were dirt farm poor. Thank God for WIC and government cheese and peanut butter. And coupons, lots and lots of 'em that my dad spent half his waking life saving, storing, counting and using. The devil gets the credit for powdered milk, though.

5) Michael Jackson. (I just deleted a joke, cuz it was too nasty and there's no way of doin' it w/o being nasty. But he was a hero, until that less-than-magical night when I went to camp Neverland and he....) 'Nuff said. No, I grew up loving pop music. All sorts of sentimental, schloppy, goofy, Tiffany, NKotB, Debbie Gibson, Madonna, Elvis, Beatles (early stuff), Chuck Berry, Lionel Richie, Little Richard, Prince, that song, "Lady in Red." Oh, and thanks for reminding, Timi, Bon Jovi. And Stryper. I spent an entire summer dropping quarters into 1944, The Battle Over Midway while Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" played in the background at the Pizza Hut. Never grew tired of that song. It was my soundtrack.

As far as who's next:
Pikachoo, I choose you!
Whoever switched over from www.lookingcloser.blogspot.com.
Whoever switched over from Micah's World.
Whoever switched over from the collective (Cee barnes, A-damm!, Ga-bee-NO, and !Timi-huh?!)
And last but not least (because she's the only real person) Destiny.
Hey, I see y'all! Don't try to hide. Ain't nowhere to hide, I'll track you down.
It'll be a yellow and black attack.



  1. Look at these? How come I don't get it? Darn it.

    Ugh. I remember government peanut butter and powdered milk, especially the peanut butter with the oil all settled on the top when you pulled off the lid. We weren't even that poor. We just couldn't afford food sometimes. It's weird now that I think of it, because we still can't afford food sometimes now. LoL.

  2. yeah, it's kinda funny that in a neighborhood filled with east asian immigrants - and if i didn't believe in cooties then, one of 'em would'a been my serious crush - i would learn that joke.

    ummm, but i'm not sure i can tell it. even if i tried.

    also, we had to churn that pb. it was in huge tubs. but, now that i think of it, my pops didn't really skimp out on the pb either. would always get Real, which is semi-gourmet, with the oil on the top. a little easier to stir though.

    i spent a year w/o a real job while finishing up at school and looking for one afterwords (yeah, i could've used a woman with insurance, tellin' ya). couldn't afford food, or much of anything else. so, i used my credit card. up.

    still paying back. i could use some wic now.

  3. 5 favorite childhood memories, in no particular order:

    1..feathered bangs
    2..double layered socks
    3..NKOTB...all the way baby
    4..easy bake oven and wood burning kit, oh the days of quality unsafe toys! :)
    5..GPK, Breakfast Club, Teen Witch...all the hilarious entertainment of the 80s.


  4. and don't forget rambo iV: die, vc scum, die!

    destiny, you can't copy off of me. you gotta do it on your own blog, not on my reply list. gosh!

    easy bake ovens, cookin' by a lightbulb.

  5. sorry I didn't know the rules :-)

    I'll make sure to post a good one in response

  6. Whoop whoop, Destiny said feathered bangs and NKOTB. Now THOSE...are worth remembering. lol @ easy bake oven, how could I forget that! And banana clips, I should've included that now that I think about it.

  7. i've got a joke about easy bake ovens. well, not one that i made up, but one that a pastor friend was telling. anyway, it was real funny but i don't think it works in print.

    one of those, you had to be there moments.

  8. I seriously wanna hear this joke...try it in print...it might still work, heck..I'll laugh either way. :-)

  9. Chuck E. Cheese was the bomb. My parents would take my brother, sister, and I there on Report Card Day because you'd get so many free tokens for an "A" and so many for a "B." Ah, "Dragon's Lair."

    For a laugh, my friends and I went back a few years ago and it just wasn't all that fun. The pizza is made of cardboard and all of the good games were removed. Dave & Buster's is where it's at now - mainly because alcohol is added to the mix.

  10. destiny,
    i swear, i'll get around to it. i also swear it'll be anti-climatic.


    thanks for stopping by. look, it's the arguing large cartoon heads.

    d&b is also extraordinarily expensive. best to just go to a penny arcade. where the price may be exaggerated, but it's still fairly inexpensive.

    but, yeah, chuck e. cheese. their disclaimer's in the jingle. 'where a KID can be a kid.'

  11. sorry, i meant 'micah.'

    michah is a variant of my fantasy girl, michelle. by that i hope i don't mean any sort of amalgalm.

    that would be gross.


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