Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to: Oh, the economity

The bailouts, the bankruptcies, the empty desks and empty 401Ks. And then there's the "golden parachutes." Newsweek has a gallery on how these golden boys fell and how well they fell.

We constantly worry about developers in this part of the city. Wonder how many developers are trying to stake out a claim here: Shantytowns on the rise.
h/t to Andy Whitman, with a nice nod to Hoover.

And this is not good for any of us: Joe Biden's family, over the last ten years, has averaged $369 a year in giving to charities. That's 0.2% of his earnings. That sucks. That just plum sucks.
h/t to Scot McKnight

Heck, Keith Olberman gave more than that just Friday.


  1. .2% does suck but that might not be all of the story. If someone (god forbid) were to look at my tax return, it would not give them a very accurate picture of my charitable giving. Through error, inconvenience or sometimes on purpose, I don't record every thing I give for tax purposes. Mabe it is also so with Joe?

  2. i'd like to believe you, Art. i truly would. but two things prevent that:

    1) they never refuted that figure. they merely said that they put in work rather than funds, which is admirable. i don't know if j. carter's given a dime to habitat for humanity, but his work building houses is renown throughout the world and leaves many others wanting to do what he does. nobody knows what the bidens do charity-wise, but even if they did, it just can't make up for that type of penny-pinching.

    2) you and i are not nearly in the same tax bracket as biden is. at that level, people make sure that EVERY CENT was accounted for, especially if it's towards their favor.


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