Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm all for the gender and racial politics to be shaken...

but this may just be ridiculous.

Will Smith as Captain America?

I could see a Black. Latino, or Arabian playing the part of many comic book characters. Certain characters, like Bruce Wayne, are iconic in name, but not so much image. Captain America however has iconic features - just like Superman (which is why this talk of rebooting that movie series may be more difficult than it sounds). Captain America, if nothing else, is represented as much by his chiseled jawline as by the US flag.

Who would be ideal to represent Cap? How about a 21st century Dolph Lundgren or even Cary Grant.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Yes. He's got that certain jack-a**edness down to a T. Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man? Heck yes. He sold me on Peter Parker's awkward nerdiness from the opening scenes. The Fresh Prince as Captain America? ....

Not so much. But, what iconic roles could he sell?


  1. My first thought is yes, that's ridiculous. But who knows, it could work...

  2. and monkeys could fly out my butt.

    part of me wants to say it really depends on the director, but they're making so many comic-book adaptions nowadays (it's the biggest trend, if you haven't noticed) that a great director can really suck (cf. Superman Returns v. X Men II and the Usual Suspects or the Fantastic Four movies v. Barbershop - one of my favorites at least) or an unknown entity can really wow 'em (Iron Man? from the director of Elf? hmm...).


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