Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to

First off, another week another blog: Build a Better Bridge. It's mostly links to news and info on and surrounding not-for-profits and non-governmental organizations. Hopefully, I can do my part and save Bambi's mom. Or whatever.

This guy is quite possibly loonier than Tom Cruise. And nowhere near as agile in heat shafts. Hmmm… The self-proclaimed agent of the US Illuminati was caught in Tennessee. I wonder what they’re growing down in that region…
h/t to Jeffrey Overstreet via Facebook

Rob Bell’s new book coming out is called Jesus Wants to Save Christians. Scot McKnight sums it up as the five E’s: Exodus, Egypt, Exile, Eucharist, and Empire. As usual on this site, civilized but disagreeing comments ensue. Interesting though I can't quite get my head around the order. But I may read it soon.


  1. Haven't heard anything about Bell's new book... In fact I haven't gotten around to reading the last one yet because I'm still trying to decide what I think about Velvet Elvis...

  2. actually, i can thank that book, along with some lectures by n.t. wright and - oddly enough - lauren winner's book about sex (i forget the name. yarr!) as to changing my outlook on christianity and my outlook on my role in the world.

  3. Honestly, I love Velvet Elvis. It is an extraordinarily thought-provoking book. I led a study group on it last year and it was great as a discussion starter. I'm just not entirely comfortable with some of the conclusions Bell comes to or with some of the preconceptions he starts with. I need to revisit it and write a post I suppose...

  4. yeah, i totally agree. it's a great discussion/idea starter. anything else is icing on the cake, as far as i was concerned.


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