Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready for some infectious Catholic ska?

Jesus Is My Friend.
He can be yours too.
Pretty neat, I think.

h/t to Terrace Crawford
You can catch an interview here with singer Sal by the guy who originally lit the Sonseed fire on the YouTube world.


  1. Incredibly, I know of this band. What's even more incredible is that you found a way to use the words "Catholic", "infectious" and "ska" in a post title. In fact that is bordeline amazing.

  2. really? how did you hear/come across this band?

    i know that in the 70s there were a lot of Jesus Rock and para-church organizations with either the name "Son" or "Seed" in it (cf. Sonlife Ministries or Mustard Seed Band). but this was the first amalgam that i recall.

    re: the title. if the shoe fits...

  3. A blog friend posted about them recently. I think her husband was once associated with them or even a member. Don't recall the details but it was the same band.


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