Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guy's a genius

And this time I'm not being snarky.

Seth Godin is famous in the advertising copy world. Of course since until recently I never followed that world, I never heard of him. But I've started following one of his blogs (if I recall, he's got others). The guy knows how to write economically, with an eye on the upcoming trends, and right to the point.

And he's an evangelist for the gospel of long-term vision. Consider this:

The stock market is going to be bonkers today.

And for most people, it won't matter so much. Because most of us aren't focused on flipping assets. We're building value by creating interactions that work...

[I]t's easy to get distracted by external noise instead of focusing on what counts. Hint: They started Google in the middle of the dot com melt down.

The short-term consequences of an unstable stock market are real and uncomfortable. More (and better) adult supervision would have gone a long way, imho. But we can't control this, all we can do is focus on what matters.

Hang in.

I wanna be like him when I grow up.


  1. BUT, were you being snarky when you said, "And this time I'm not being snarky"??? Hmmmm...

  2. i don't know. maybe we should ask GP Taylor.


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