Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to: Big Ideas (??)

  • I think I figured out what I was created to do: become a career student. When I get some free time in between the more "practical" classes, I'd like to stop over to Auburn and be this guy's "apprentice". (NYT, reg. req.)
[H]e sees philosophy less as a profession than as a way of looking at, of being in, the world. “I am convinced that philosophy is not just about theory,” he told me. “It’s about a life well lived and thoughts truly thought.”

Which is sorta how I look at theology. It shouldn't just be for the theologians and pastors and seminary students and whatnot, but for all of life to look and reflect on the things of God.
h/t to Scot McKnight

  • Were you as disenchanted with the constant back-and-forth spattering of information between the candidates on Friday night? It reminded me of 2nd grade taunts. To help us sift through the distortions (yes, my man Obama laid some out too sadly...) here's our friends at Factcheck with an extensive list. Very. Extensive. List.

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