Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tina Fey: female chauvinist pig

The McCain campaign's got some balls.

Tina Fey's portrayal of Governor Sarah Palin on SNL the other night was "disrespectful in the extreme, and yes, I would say, sexist in the sense that just because Sarah Palin has different views than Hillary Clinton does not mean that she lacks substance." (source)

Wait, so, is McCain spokesperson Carly Fioriana saying that because Palin doesn't agree with Clinton those who disagree with Palin are being sexist?

My head hurts from all this spin.

Remember that quote about Good people/small towns during Palin's speech at the RNC? Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s got some words to say about the author of that piece. It ain't pretty:

Fascist writer Westbrook Pegler, an avowed racist... expressed his fervent hope about my father, Robert F. Kennedy, as he contemplated his own run for the presidency in 1965, that "some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies."


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Maybe I'm nuts, but it seems as though the only people being sexist is the Republican ticket. By crying sexism every time anyone says anything (aka falsely accusing) they are the ones keeping the proverbial pot stirred. By design I'm sure.

    It's like Martin Lawrence explaining why the pool table is racist because it's the white ball that ultimately knocks the black ball into the hole. Everything can be spun to perpetuate whatever crap you want to be on people's minds. Not to mention a great way to divert their attention away from actual issues.

  2. but the problem here is that nothing that the Repubs are doing makes any sense.

    karl rove knows better. they're sending out too much nonsense and trying too da**ed hard. this is all starting to backfire on them in a big, big way.

    after all, they can only fool all of the people some of the time. fool us three times, game's up...

  3. I must agree with ALL of this! The post and both comments! I don't recall and call of sexism when Hillary was running....
    And I love the name of the blog!



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