Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to 4

Remember the first time you heard "Smoke on the Water"? Now you can relive that glorious moment in all of its ancient Japanese splendor.

h/t to MarkO

10,000 B.C. inaccurate? So it ain't so...

For the first time since Johnny Cash died, I picked up a copy of Rolling Stone magazine. I'm a bit giddy about their endorsement of Barack, and I'm loving their coverage of the technologically-savvy grassroots campaign he's got going.

Stop... Hammer Dance Video Time! (M.C. Hammer's started up a dancing YouTube, complete with battles [disclaimer: the one battle I saw was retrograde lame]).
h/t to Ypulse.

RC has an intriguing post on responding (or the lack of responding) to the Iraqi War docu No End in Sight (again, view here for free).


  1. That video... that's just wrong. ;)

  2. yet. all. so. right.


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