Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to 4

Remember the first time you heard "Smoke on the Water"? Now you can relive that glorious moment in all of its ancient Japanese splendor.

h/t to MarkO

10,000 B.C. inaccurate? So it ain't so...

For the first time since Johnny Cash died, I picked up a copy of Rolling Stone magazine. I'm a bit giddy about their endorsement of Barack, and I'm loving their coverage of the technologically-savvy grassroots campaign he's got going.

Stop... Hammer Dance Video Time! (M.C. Hammer's started up a dancing YouTube, complete with battles [disclaimer: the one battle I saw was retrograde lame]).
h/t to Ypulse.

RC has an intriguing post on responding (or the lack of responding) to the Iraqi War docu No End in Sight (again, view here for free).


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