Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We have choice...

Among other dirty, low-down, deceitful tricks and messages that the Clinton campaign has brought us recently, here's one of the lowest:

``He would not have been my pastor,'' Clinton said at a press conference while campaigning in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. ``We have a choice when it comes to our pastors and the churches we attend.''

Thanks for once again adding to the noise and confusion of race tainted by doubts, race-baiting, xenophobia, allegations of disloyalty, fear-mongering...

Is Barack a Muslim?
"Not as far as I know."

On "remembering" being under threat of sniper fire a decade ago in Bosnia (and her claims of experience):
"I may have misspoke."

On the fact that her campaign has gained no traction since early February:
"You know, the people of Ohio spoke. And the road to the presidency goes through Ohio."

On the fact that she has an outside (10%'s the buzz-word) chance of securing the nomination:
"And also remember that pledged delegates in most states are not pledged. You know, there is no requirement that anybody vote for anybody. They're just like superdelegates."
[Which is what this whole smear-campaign is about, anyway. Make Obama look so bad that the delegates will have no choice but to switch allegiances to Clinton.]

Former President Bill Clinton putting down the Obama campaign for a charge that, really, his wife's campaign is accusing Obama of:
"This is what this should be about, two people (McCain and Clinton) who love America. Not all this other stuff that gets in the way of it."
[And then he says the same thing today about getting back to the "real" issues. Which, btw, Obama has been doing but has largely been ignored for, since it's really just not sexy enough.]

A top, top aide (hound-dog Jimmy Carville) on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's timely endorsement of Obama:
"He's a Judas."

Let's hold up there.

A Judas is one who betrays who he loves, one who betrays her cause. I'm sorry, but looking at the fact that the Democratic Party is internally bleeding right now and what looked liked a freight train to the White House is now looking like a streetcar named Desperate, I think I know who the traitors are. If John McCain is leading in the popular opinion polls (by two points in a head-to-head match-up against either Dem candidate) and he hasn't even started flinging the mud yet, if Rove's job as-is is phenomenally too-easy, I think we all know who's been stabbing who in the back.

I choose not to listen to your garbage anymore, political machine. Please, let Barack Obama be Barack Obama. Take the high-road for a turn. We do have a choice. I think that America is ready to be treated as adults. Please stop treating us as children. Call out to our better selves. We just may listen, this time.

Thank you, Bill Burton, for this:
After originally refusing to play politics with this issue, it’s disappointing to see Hillary Clinton’s campaign sink to this low in a transparent effort to distract attention away from the story she made up about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. The truth is, Barack Obama has already spoken out against his pastor’s offensive comments and addressed the issue of race in America with a deeply personal and uncommonly honest speech. The American people deserve better than tired political games that do nothing to solve the larger challenges facing this country.


  1. I really thought Carville's comments were assinine. This is politics, you lizard-looking a$$wipe, not bridge night. What does Richardson owe the Clintons? Who cares? What does he owe the American people? To support the best candidate!

  2. it's amazing how many people i talk to that cannot stand the tactics of that campaign. it really brings out the ugliness in me.

  3. nice comic...and there certainly was a lot of snapple drinking in 1996.

  4. don't forget the Evian.


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