Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to - the non-political edition

The Packers tell fans that Favre went away to live in a farm. (from The Onion)

"Don't be sad," Packer head coach Mike McCarthy told fans, many of whom began crying audibly, shaking their heads, or turning away at the news. "You should be happy for Brett. He is in a much better place now. He has many of your other favorite Packers, really great Packers like Reggie White and Ray Nitschke and Max McGee, to keep him company. And he even has a coach—Vince Lombardi is on that farm, too."

Although Packers officials gave no specific details of the farm, its location, or the family who will now take care of Favre, Thompson confirmed that it is "far, far away, beyond the football fields we know, in a very happy place where Brett will never be cold or get sacked ever again."

"There are no winters there, and no injuries, and no interceptions, and even though people will play football with Brett all day, they all have so much fun that no one remembers who won or who lost," McCarthy added.

The penny-farthing for extremists:

According to Brad [the creator], the 12-foot SkyWalker is so strong that it can
easily take a 500-pound pilot, a little trivia fact that makes me imagine a
Fantasia hippo driving one.
h/t to Mark o

On teens and the amount of time watching tv and internet (i.e., screen time):

"Girls that lived in more disadvantaged neighborhoods were four times more likely to be in these high viewing groups. And boys in disadvantaged neighborhoods were two to three times more likely to be in this high-risk group," said Barnett.

h/t to YPulse

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