Wednesday, March 05, 2008

o My God. What is this woman thinking?!

Hillary Clinton was up early today, appearing on the morning television
shows a day after her primary wins in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island and
suggesting that she and her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, might share the
Democratic ticket -- with her in the No. 1 slot.

"That may be where this is headed," Clinton said. "But of course we have to
decide who is on the top of the ticket. I think the people of Ohio very clearly
said it should be me."

Yes, and as Ohio goes, so goes the nation? She's a bit... nervy I guess is the word for it.
Maybe she just needs more sleep...

At least the cartoonists aren't as pro-Clinton biased.


  1. Hillary is so the man.

    Why don't people get that?

    She knows the only way she'd legitimately get into the white house is on O8ama's coat tails, so now she's pimpin' his name.

    The thought of her sitting in the oval office makes me wretch.

  2. Right. But what if the foot is in the other shoe and SHE's the one being asked to "share" the ticket as VP???

    Hmmm, Mrs. Bill, what say you then?

    I think Obama would, but Billary would scoff at the very notion.

  3. jennie,

    that reminds me of a scene in School of Rock where one of the students tells the principal that she's the man (as in 'stick it to the man') but she interprets it as 'you're the stuff, the top dog, the cheese' so she thanks the student.

    here's to hoping that that establishment piece of cheese goes down.


    up to this point, i could tolerate her. but that was just flipping ludicrous and audacious. she's still badly trailing. she won ohio because a good section of it is the old-guard Democratic machine (the northeast corner) and partially because she's been able to dissuade people (temporarily) from voting for obama under some bogus pretenses (i don't think he ever said he was perfect).

    basically, the only way she can win now is either by siphoning off the superdelegates (many of whom might be scared to lose their power if obama won and would anticipate more power if she came into the white house) or by having barrack quit.


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