Thursday, March 06, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to - 4

Oops. National Grammar Day (i still don't know how to spell grammar. Bad English teacher I is.) has passed and I failed to mention that there momente-ous ocassion. Worry not, dear sailors. Their's still time for yous. Hopefully, you won't be to effected to do something about it.
h/t to Relevant

Also, courtesy of Relevant:

"Cyberspace can be very useful for [Buddhist] monks," Ladda said. "But it's wrong to use it to pick up girls."
So true, so true...

And to round up the trifecta of links courtesy of Relevant:
Has it gotten this bad? Streetposts padded to protect inattentive, texting pedestrians.

A scary case where autism in one child is linked to her vaccinations.

And now for something a bit more political:
  1. Hillary's surge is like the surge in Iraq: costly, bloody, won't win the war.
  2. Is Clinton supported by the Archie Bunkers? Says one Chicagoan (who probably didn't vote for Harold Washington either), "If Obama gets in, it's going to be a black thing and it's going to be all blacks for blacks,'' said Victoria Mikulski, a 63-year-old clerk in Edison Park. "Everything's got to be equal.'' (I think I'd stick with the Meathead vote, if that's the case.)
  3. And, just in case you didn't know: Republicans may echo attacks on Obama made by Clinton (Duh!).

Those were the days!


  1. That last is the thing about having such a contested Democratic race. The more those two go at each other, the more the Repubs learn.

  2. uh, yep. especially when one of them says that the republican nominee would make a better choice as commander-in-chief than her (or, *ahem* his) rival.
    can you tell i'm getting, really, really boiling hot raging angry?


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