Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Weekly Links We Like to Link to 3

Win Ben Stein's Intelligent Design! (Actually sounds smart and enticing, according to this review at least.)
h/t to Jeffrey Overstreet

Moms Everywhere and the Lone Ranger (hmmm... maybe I should rework that description...).

Apparently, this is a hit with middle-aged moms and the morning talk-show crowd. It's pretty funny. I saw a little bit of her other stuff, but I really could not relate to that. It's not as mainstream.

And another Will.i.am vid for my man, Obama:

Not as catchy, but emblematic of the raw hope he is giving to people. Btw, one of the biggest reasons that my wife and I are such supporters of him and his movement is because we believe he can help to reshape the image of the U.S. Something that Jessica Alba, of all people, brings up. I also like the fact - although it may or may not be too late - that there are a lot of Latino voices in this video.
h/t to Staycspits

And speaking of Obama and Clinton, are Ohio and Texas Republicans crossing the party line tonight to "bloody up Obama"?
That's foul, man. Is Karl Rove in Columbus?

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