Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Palm Sunday / St. Patrick's Eve

IM with my wife last night:

Jennie:I forgot tomorrow was palm Sunday!
I can see why all the Catholics were flipping out of St. Paddie's Day. The streets are crazy here.
me: yeah, and me without my colt
you mean kilt?
12:49 AM me: all the irish wannabees
why, did jesus ride to jerusalem in a kilt?
i missed that translation!
Jennie: hah!
me: find something new all the time.
Jennie: right! no, act I think the colt had the kilt. ;)
me: new irish translation
Jennie: hah!
12:50 AM me: best in show?
Jennie: the celtic gospel
me: gospel according to scrooge mcduck

It's amazing that we conversed so much via instant messenger before we got married (really, for like five months, it was our main method of communique).

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  1. omg, I cannot believe you published that.


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