Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Both Starbucks and I Needed to Get Our Priorities Straight

The coffee is still bitter

And so am I


  1. I don't care for Starbuck's coffee all that much either. I guess that's good since there's not Starbucks within 30 miles of here.

  2. i moved from a neighborhood with several independant cafes to one with none. there's two dunkin donuts within two blocks of each other (and another one about half a mile away. another a couple blocks from that one, etc.), but the only cafe with adequate seating is the starbucks about half a mile away.

    i should more often frequent the coffee shop/deli near my house - it's just that it was severely crowded last few times i went in (summer, unfortunately.)

    darn it! that's it, i'll go there next time.

  3. I am fortunate. I plan on posting soon on the great local coffee shop down the street from me. The coffee is good. Comfortable atmosphere. People actually talk to each other. it's all good.

  4. Hey now, Jasdye . . . if you want to say such incendiary things, at least explain what you're talking about. Perhaps you have not yet tried the Starbucks blend that is suited to your palate. I'll bet there is one. Or perhaps we brew it more strongly than you're used to.

    As for me, I would support local indy shops when I'm not working, if there were any around here that made good coffee. But I have yet to find one. And Dunkin Donuts? Puh-leez!

    As it stands, Starbucks is about the only stuff I can find around here that I can drink. I'd rather have the caffeine headache.

    Come on. Did you really think you could post something like this and not get a tirade from me? (I could've been WAAAYYY meaner and more snobbish . . . )

  5. that's not strength, starbucks employee/cultist. that's bitterness. strong coffee alone doesn't make me want to spit after i'm done drinking 16-18 oz.

  6. HA! You city folk are funny. When I wrote "30 miles", I meant "30 miles".

  7. which, in a city like chicago, amounts to 1 mile.

  8. Dude. Bitter is you. And perhaps you should listen to your palate and drink a smaller cup of coffee. Greedy Americans . . .


  9. what? did you bookmark this page? this was thirty posts ago.

    who's bitter now?



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