Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Links We Like to Link to, 3

Google voice mail and phone numbers for the homeless. Actually, it sounds like a really good idea. Hopefully, more municipalities will team up to offer this nationwide.
h/t to Relevant

How do you read (i.e., understand) the Bible? Do you see it as if it were set in stone (or tablets, as it were) or as fluid and interpreted by committee? Intriguing quiz from Scot McKnight and Leadership Journal.

The authors of this NY Times op-ed piece argue that there are other ways of counting the gap between the haves (in this case specifically, the top one-fifth) and the have-nots (the bottom one-fifth) of the American economy. Count what they spend. The difference is quite surprising. What do you think?
via KruseKronicle via Scot McKnight.

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  1. So what was your score on that Bible quiz???

  2. sorry, i had to retake the quiz.

    i scored a 70, which is very progressive considering how closely tethered i am to my quasi-fundamentalist upbringing (my last pastor said that the Word of God was written as if the authors were merely secretaries taking down what God said, verbatim. i'm pretty sure i gasped).

    you said on dave's blog you thought the quiz was laughably biased. i'm interested in what you thought/meant by that.

  3. I scored an 81 - guess I'm pretty progressive too. I thought some of the questions & choices weren't worded quite right or something, left me searching for a "none of the above" option. :)

  4. I commented here earlier... looks like Blogger is having a bad day.

    Anyway, I beat you with a score of 86! Or did you beat me?

    And I apologized to Cube for that comment. I guess I was having a bad day...

  5. in the 80's, huh?

    should've expected as much from united methodists. do you thomas jefferson your bibles too?

  6. i love that chart you posted, i just spent tons of time looking at it. i love stuff like that.

    thanks for posting it.

  7. No, we read the whole thing. Funny you should know so much about the Jefferson Bible!

  8. rc,

    yeah, just going over it again this morning. of course it's economics and it leaves out the real people involved - but it is vastly intriguing.


    well, we gotta study up on the enemy.

    actually, i do think it's interesting that two polar opposite ways of reading the bible (a fundamentalist literalist approach and the supernatural-defying characteristic of T.J.'s bible-reading habits as well as those of the Jesus Seminar, came as a result of the Age of Reason and Modernism. i don't think most people really thought much of such issues before (but then again, i guess Gallileo would beg to differ).


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