Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Probably Won't Catch the Super Bowl

  1. The only significant Super Bowl was 21 years ago. It starred the greatest one-time Super Bowl champions ever. It was the biggest lop-sided victory in the history of the game until recently and it was wonderful. It featured guys named Sweetness, the Fridge, Iron Mike, McMahon the Man, Willie Gault, Ditka, and the rest of the Shuffling Crew.
  2. The Patriots already had their Super Bowl legacy rapped up long before this current dynasty. I refer you back to a certain Super Bowl: XX. If those numbers don't jog your memory, then do the numbers 46-10 ring a bell?
  3. The Giants? The New York Giants? The Giants?? C'mon, are you kidding me? The New York Giants?
  4. I really don't want to watch an angry Friar Tuck coach from the sidelines.
  5. If the commercials are the best entertainment for the night, we're all in deep Fritos.
  6. Most events to watch the game (even and especially in the local churches) are centered around the guys. Which is not only demeaning and sexist, it also honestly does not suit our needs. Not that my wife likes football. But I'm trying to teach my daughter good habits.
  7. Tom Brady had became a father and is with a supermodel. My baby is a supermodel.
  8. I don't work on Saturdays so I will have to be able to squeeze in time to work tomorrow, clean up the house, prepare for Monday's Bible Study, and play with Joss, who I barely get to see awake during the weekdays.
  9. This is like watching Titanic. Bor-ring! We know who's gonna win. We know NY's ship is gonna hit the berg and sink. Why do we have to watch a delayed romantic movie in the midst of the adventure. Cue the musicians on the deck. Gentlemen, it was a pleasure playing with you...
  10. The Giants? The New York Giants?? O Cheese Whiz no. The Giants? Are you serious? The Giants?


  1. This post was really chuckle-worthy but THAT Superbowl? Was traumatising.

  2. for those in New England i suppose it would have comparable to a recent Super Bowl played in rainy Florida that i barely recall.

    except to say that the half-time show was wonderful.

    which brings me to reason #11:
    john cougar mellancamp? when are these nfl clowns gonna get a clue? you'd be better off showing a sitcom during half-time than 9 out of the last 10 acts they did show (and, really, as wonderful as Prince's show was, it wasn't really all that appropriate for super bowl sunday.if you know what i mean.)

  3. I mentioned before that I wasn't excited at all by this superbowl. But then I started watching it... It really was a good game made better by the fact that the cheaters didn't win;)

  4. fight. fight. fight. fight.


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