Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Random Ten

But before we dig into the iPod files:

Stupid hype! Why'd we have to lose to a 1-6 team?!? Sorry, 2-6 team?!?

And now, back to our scheduled program:

The Human Thing - The Tanyas: This is one of those Paste Magazine songs. She's got a sloppy-drunk chanteuss sound, like Victoria Williams trying to sing Nora Jones. I like.

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 4 in D Major, KV 218 - Alberto Lizzio & Mozart Festival Orkestra: I paid like $10 for something approximating three hours of Mozart music through iTunes. Symphony Hall, eat your heart out!

Act V, Scene I (Romeo & Juliet) - William Shakespeare: A rare find indeed. The bard himself acted out this piece according to my player and we have it on recorded devices. Must've been a 45. "If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep..."

I Have and Always Will - Dave Barnes: Underproduced mom-safe-rock. You know what, though, I'm liking it. Barnes is an unsigned singer-songwriter in Nash' who likes those lovely ballads and soft-rockers in the vein of "You Are Beautiful" and John Mayer, etc. Call me a softy (esp. if the performer attests to a love of 70's-era Stevie Wonder and tries to mold his record after Songs in the Key of Life) but I'm liking this album.

Go-Go Gadget Gospel - Gnarls Barkley: What can I say about these songs that I haven't already? Definitely one of my favorite records in the last few years (along with Sufjan Stevens), even though they have been overplayed (fortunately, I don't listen to the radio or watch tv, so I get to control what I listen to a bit more) and over-hyped. Fortunately, though, I don't think they'll get pistol-whupped by any Dolphins any time soon. If the agents of MAD have learned anything, it's not to mess with the Inspector.

What I Say and What I Mean - The Like: Another Paste Magazine sampler. This one's also female-centric. But it rocks a bit harder, like a lo-fi Veruca Salt back in the day.

In the Light - Charlie Peacock (and friends): A few years ago, Peacock was involved in a bit of a self-tribute. No, that sounds self-indulgent. It was like a Best of, except with new arrangements and different performers working with him on his old songs. In any case, it's called Full Circle and I like listening to it, especially if my wife isn't around. She doesn't understand Peacock's brilliance. I can't think of who the co-singer is on this song, but she has a warm timbre about her, like Christine Dente of the husband-and-wife duo Out of the Grey.

Monkeys at the Zoo - Charlie Peacock (and friends): Hmmm... Peacocks, monkeys and zoos.... Mike Roe, from the 77's (one of the well-underappreciated underground CCM bands that never got attention from anyone because they weren't "Cheese-us Jesus-y" enough. Also, Peacock, Vector [from whence Jimmy Abegg came] and the 77's came from the same mini-label and church in the early eighties) sings lead here. This is miles away from the dredge that occupies the top of the Contemporary Christian Music spotlight: "Spirit, come flush the lies out / Will it be different now, or the same / will I have learned anything." Roe, btw, also plays with the active underground CCM Lost Dogs with members of the Choir and Daniel Amos.

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliot: Her first hit. "It's my window. I can't stand the rain." Missy and Timbaland. Gaw, what a combo!

Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin: At yesterday's party, I found out that Lady Ella sang this song live in a recording, forgot the words and scatted the rest of the song. For me, I always think of the Mac Tonight ad campaign in the early eighties.


  1. Man, I was totally lost until 'Bobby Darin'. Laugh. That is a cool song though and I remember that ridiculous commercial...

  2. haha.

    i certainly don't think of my music tastes as being that obscure...

    o yeah, a Classic Rock Grandpa.

    surely you've heard of Mozart and Shakespeare before, though.

  3. Classic Rock Grandpa???

    LOL. And I thought you were my friend!

    Just for the record, I am NOT a 'Grandpa' and I have heard of both Mozart and Shakepseare, thou shag hair'd villain.

  4. how'd you know my hair is shaggy?

    did my wife tell you?

    all classic rock afficianados are, by definition, grandpas. nothing personal, art.


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