Sunday, November 12, 2006

Live updates, Bears v. Giants

I know that usually this only goes to sports-themed blogs. And people with, like, readers and a follwing, etc.

But I need to practice my typing.

What the hecka??

So, first, NYG's got a heck of a run. Finally they're stopped just short of the goal. And they miss the field goal. Hurray for our special teams.

Then, on Grossman's second (after an incomplete), we get an interception. Next play is a touchdown.

And then an interception from one of ours.

Now, Benson's out there, running his little heart off, 'cuz apparently this is a running game.

Davis drops the ball, but it was ruled incomplete. I think it should've been down-by-touch.
Grossman's got all the time in the world. Davis has lost two in a roll. But they should've been turnovers.

Robbie Gould in for Gold. "Perfect season continues."

7-3, Giants.

I'm sick of the Syrius Satellite commercials.

7:53 - Edit

They're talking about Tiki Barber as leaving at the top of his game. Like Jim Brown or Sandy Koulfax.

Giants are settling for another punt. Devin Hester was on the border at the 23, no movement..

Rex is getting his chops busted.

Mushin at 43, showing that great tangent. We miss Berrian, that's for sure. But MM is good.

Jason McKie, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Not that I've been able to watch most of these games.

Cedric "goes nowhere."

3rd and 8, "Benson lost five." We're at the fifty and a flag is called. False start on the Bears.


Shotgun is bad. Rex overthrows Mushin.


It looks like New York's angry with an equally angry Urlacher. I'd pay to see that fight.

Urlacher is in the middle of two big plays, back-to-back. Yikes!

:31 left in the first quarter. Defense is back. Offense, well, let's keep our hopes up!


Spoken too soon!

Thomas Jones fumbles!

Up to this point, he hasn't lost the ball for the longest touching-streak in the league.

Giants called, 1st & 20, 41 yards into Bears territory.

7-3, Giants, end of first quarter.


His butt is sweaty. Does that man know his butt is sweaty? Because I would be embarrassed to be on tv...

These guys are multimillionaires, honey. They don't care at this point.

33-yd. It's good. Crap!


Davis held on this time!

At our 30. Wher's our running game? Crap, Benson!

Loses the ball, but he may be - no, he is ruled down-by-contact.

At the 30 again, Rexy overthrows again.

Brad Maynard's kicking. I've got nothing against Gould, mind you, but Brad's the kick-off man.


Barber fumbles about a third of what he used to.

Hopefully, we'll make fewer mistakes the older we get too, eh, Rex?

Peanut Tillman's trying, but Burress is having his way.

Barber's playing better than our corps of RB's at this moment. Manning's playing better than our quarterback. Tillman got Plexico this time, as our d was clamping down on Manning. Third down and 5. Dropped pass. PUNT PUNT PUNT!

Another injury for the Giants.

If we win because of injuries, I'll be upset. Nice punt by the Giants. Lots of hang-time. No movement possible for Hestert.



Hasn't thrown a pass to Desmond Clark yet. Why not?

I know it's a bit slippery out there, but McKie dropped again.

At the Bears' 30, pass to Plexico Burress, now the 20.

Crap! Again!

If he can hold on, why can't we?

Getting a little physical out there.

I'm reminded of Harry Carey at the height of his influence in Chicago, when the Cubs had no hope. For lack of anything exciting on the field (and because he was really old and lost his brain cells to Bud) Carey would make fun of the players' names.

Plexico loses the ball about four yards from the goal line, Peanut Tillman returns it, gets hit and loses the ball himself. And now everybody's confused.


What happened to the rest of my blog?


Anyway, we got a touchdown before the half.

And now we're making some momentum after the half.

Well, then Mushin loses it. Giants are getting good at stripping even our best holders. We were sooooooooo close.


The Chargers had an explosive game today. I didn't get to stay to watch who won that one. Guess I could easily find out, but I don't really care.

False start on Eli's side of the ball, which is at the end zone, btw.

They are risking a safety.


We might have it.

Guess not.

3rd & 11.

This could be good for us. No flag, Burress got clothes-lined! Nice.

We receive at our forty, but number 23 keeps running back, looking for an open place. Look: There is none!

Jones for one.

Jones for five. But a flag. On the defense. Jones didn't realize that he was given the ball at first, so he almost lost it, but that flag gave us a first down at the 22.

Another flag, illegal contact, defense. Giants fans are upset again. MMuhammed got the better end of that.

Jones making ways again. To the 12.

Jones for the touchdown. McKie blocked. Snap. Another flag, this time holding on offense. Shoot.

Try again.

14 yeards. Jones to the 10 yard line. No flag called this time. I was wondering if this was the UN for a second there.

Rex throws to Mushin for touchdown. "First lead of the game." "Way too much room here."

With Gould's extra point, 17-13 Bears.


Finally, we get a turnover.

2nd & 8, on the 20. Bradley, who scored a touchdown for us before the half, brings it to the twelve.

3rd & 2, Jones to the 2. Doing Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Grossman to the long-lost Desmond Clark!

woo-hoo! Another touchdown.

Robbie Goulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllddd!!! Still perfect.


Gotta stop doubting us.


My Name Is Earl looks good this week. I guess it always does, but I especially like claymation. So, it looks like I know what I'll be doing Wednesday night.

Hanging curtains.

They talk about Shockney. Emphasis on Shock. Dude's deep.

Tiki takes it a good 50 yards. To the 4.


Touchdown Giants. Crap.

24-19. We're still on top. Miss. No. Good. 24-20. We're still on top.


2:44 left in the third. We gotta start throwing again.

We did. Thank you, Moosh! Great catch. Just into first, but these NY fans are getting rabid.

Davis gets us another first down, at our 41.

Wonder if they'll bring Benson back out. I kinda hope only to rest T Jones.

2nd & 5. Jones for one. Not quite Tiki, but we'll keep him.


Start of the 4th quarter.

3rd down at nine, thanks to one of our own committing the cardinal no-no false start.

Oops. Worse sin, sack for loss.

Lovie's eyes are red.


So are mine.

Ok, I'm gonna get some reading done here. I'll update on major news, if I feel like it.


Ok, who told us to make stupid challenges?

2nd & 24 on Eli on our 43. Tiki makes some gains. Dang him! He was on my fantasy last year.

52-yd attempt for field goal. Comes way short, into Hester's hands. Hesitates. Hester is going for the touchdown. Makes it!

Flag at the fifty yard. Unnecessary roughness on the Giants. Touchdown stands. Man, can Hester run!


Nathan Vasher last year broke the record for longest play in NFL history in a returned missed field goal for the Bears. Hester joined him today.


Harris intercepts Manning.

Everything's turning Bear-y!

Fifteen yard penalty for un-sportmanlike conduct. Come on, guys!

It helps that things have dried down now. Bradley made an awesome catch at the seven.

Fans are boo-ing. Big time.

Muhammed is walking out for a spell. T. Jones makes it to the one. Carried 24 times. Dude's a workhorse.


Another touchdown for Jones.

38-20. Da Bears!

With 8:20 left.


It's Al Michael's birthday!

With 5:05 left, I think it's safe to say that we won this one. I only say this because the Giants are defeated and injured, their remaining fans are booing and we're grinding it out with Jones.

Player of the Game:
Thomas Jones, of course. Mushin is right behind him. And then there's Hester, who nailed in the coffin.

A female Bears fan in the stand is holding out a tattered Giants Killer sign. The Bears fans are staying, I'm noticing.

It looks like we're on the way to make another score with the two minute warning. I wouldn't hold my breath, but I think it's time to go to bed.

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