Monday, November 20, 2006

Now, if I were known as a *shaving* man...

I never cared for the practice of shaving. It's hard on my legs... I mean face, Face, of course!

But seriously, I dread it. And with all these new-fangled three/four/five blade razors, as soon as I buy a pair and the original blades go dull, the brand is out of style and neither it nor its pieces is sold any longer (much like with that new-fangled VHS everybody's hitchin' such a storm about).

My wife has been harping on me to get an electric razor. So, finally, last night, I went ahead and took the plunge and spent $30 (a new ink cartridge, by the way. Or, more appropriately, twenty new Gillettes) on a Norelco. Phillips makes good stereo equipment, I figure, so this follows logically in with the new man's sensitive machismo - I can look good and feel like I'm driving a sports car while gently massaging my face and front neck.

And now, after my first day shaving with the Phillips Norelco electric razor, I can safely say that it is neither comfortable nor close.

Not by a long-shot, baby!


  1. I'm with you, buddy. Shaving sucks! Norelco is pretty good as far as electric razors go. But you can forget 'close' with an electric - just not gonna happen. Comfortable? Not really that either. The best I can say for electrics is that they are convenient. Isn't it a chore being a manly-man?

  2. I have never liked electric razors. They do not do the job they say they do.

  3. Here here!

    let's hear it for the chiq manly-men!

  4. Shaving is for the birds. But so is shaving for the first time in two weeks. There's no winning this one.

  5. "consider the birds, they neither shave nor worry about shaving..."

    no, there is no winning. but since the wife doesn't like ol' scruffy-face, i have to go for the lesser of the evils, shaving every third day.


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