Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good Grief

On Christ the solid Rock-O I stand!
The Italian Stallion as the Man of Sorrows? Really?


  1. Isn't Rambo defending some Christian group in the upcoming movie?

  2. yes. why thank you for bringing that up, waspy.

    the link above is for an article on Focus on the Family's website (your friends, i'm aware). both overstreet and chattaway cite that article.

    apparently, rambo goes to some vietnam or stand-in for vietnam (samoa? idk) to rescue these hostage christians and is dually impressed by the missionaries' faith and abiding love. he starts to wonder if he can indeed be forgiven for his horrible deeds and all the stuff he's seen and etcetera.

    so, yeah, now rambo i guess fights religious wars or something.


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