Monday, November 06, 2006

Feeling for the Fallen

A couple of months ago, my wife got upset with me for taking my sweet-arse time on being on the computer when I promised her I wouldn't. But I had caught sight of an email regarding a collegue (a fellow Chicago-based youth minister) and therefore, possibly, a friend who succumbed to temptation and - as we Bible-philes put it - fell. I find out that this brother left his wife and child in need and stranded. This need was, apparently, more than just moral and spiritual. The senders of the email (a support group for local youth ministers that myself and this brother were both involved in, to some degree or another) were also seeking for financial support for the family as well as prayers.

I didn't know who this brother was. I knew I felt for him. I knew (and know) I felt for our fellow youth ministers (especially as I feel a tinge of guilt being out of the game for a much-needed, though regrettable, half year honeymoon). And I was very conscious of the fact that I've also fallen and let down my church and family, including extended family, and that falling is not beyond any of our reaches.

About a week ago, sending out email invites to our mixer party, I got a reply from one of the invitees. Or rather, his wife.

This is _______'s wife.

As you know, _______ is in jail. I'm sure he would've come if he wasn't though.

I found out who fell. And I hurt. And I felt for his wife and baby.

I don't need to further editorialize. You know where this is going.

But if you must, possible solutions - and apparently a large discussion - posted at Scott McKnight's Jesus Creed.

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